WALKING THE BEAT: Time To Give Up On The Mayor?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ In this first column of the new year, I had hoped to note expectations and hopes for the city and state administrations to make a NEW COVENANT with the people and bridge the gap between 1% and 99%. Like DANTE, I have abandoned hope. Officials taking on DUTY with DELIGHT may have to wait until a NEW BROOM sweeps clean. The strength of CITY COUNCIL is a beacon of hope. It might be time for a CHARTER CHANGE, of a stronger-Council, weaker-Mayor government (?)… The overturn of the CONVICTION of Msgr. William J. Lynn by a higher court because the child-endangerment law should not have been used retroactively, is important. Did not the FOUNDING FATHERS concern themselves over EX POST FACTO? Was the trial held in the heat of that moment when feelings ran high? After the national financial crises, many wanted greedy CEOs IN JAIL. The US ATTORNEY and others knew that there is no law against sloppy management. LYNN was a supervisor. He may be guilty of lethargic management.

MSGR. WILLIAM LYNN ... wrongly convicted.

MSGR. WILLIAM LYNN … wrongly convicted.

The contract agreement between the Parking Authority and DISTRICT COUNCIL 33 is a beacon of light shining on Room 215 City Hall. Enlightened management at PPA and Pete MATTHEWS at 33 did it…. The Earth-shaking Letter to the Editor on AVI by Christopher ARTUR is spot on! AVI should have been delayed to build more accuracy.

A German company (Memsys Clearwater) has built a unit that cleans up water used for FRACKING. It is already in use in Texas. Brine is removed, and water quality is such that it can be potable, or reused in fracking. SHALE MAGNATES – get it up to Pennsylvania!… PORT NEWS: A shipping CONTAINER has been developed that will report an open door and its location. It will report its own hijacking says Dr. Jim Giermanski of Powers International.

I learned in a Christmas Card that retired cop MIKE ROCHE passed away. Mike was the ultimate caring cop. He was thorough and upright in his response to crime, and professional as a detective. Perfect peace to him… BARBARA HANNAH passed on, a loving mom of Kevin in S. Philly. KEV, Barbara was your best friend in life.

Mike NEAL, Training Director at Local 98 IBEW, never gets credit for his quiet work of distributing turkeys and toys to needy families and kids. MIKE and his aide Bob GORMLEY and team deserve the love and thanks of families when found at their door in that driving rainstorm!… Don’t forget the hundreds of toys given by Local 830 Teamsters (Dan Grace) and Local 332 (Sam Staten, Jr.).

DESPITE their raffish imager, even the Comics, like all Mummers, are congenial and family-friendly at heart.

DESPITE their raffish imager, even the Comics, like all Mummers, are congenial and family-friendly at heart.

You read about Councilwoman JANNIE BLACKWELL in the last edition of the PUBLIC RECORD. Again, she fed thousands of the homeless. It was sad to me that when Council reorganized, she did not get a leadership position. But she is best as a FREE AGENT. She is a ONE-PERSON DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES and DIRECTOR OF COMMERCE equivalent!!

The “2” Street New Year’s Day is Philly’s secret. A family-friendly, violence-free environment. A Mardi Gras in the cold. Units continue to march, up and down past the Mummers Museum Reviewing stands, and PIRATES, Johnny DOC, Charles BERNARD and WECCACOE Reviewing stands…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charles FIELDS, President of Heart-to Heart in King of Prussia. And to Kensington resident Lynn FARRELL who does a super job at St. Boniface. Also Kennedyesque Councilman BOBBY HENON. His first 100 days were innovative, and continue to be so! To ALL: Happy, Healthy New Year!

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One Response to WALKING THE BEAT: Time To Give Up On The Mayor?

  1. I don’t think the title of this article is explored in depth by the writer. Presently, City Council is pursuing its own path of legislating. The Mayor is in a weakened position as a lame duck and most of his major initiatives have been stalled. I don’t think it is time to utilize a charter change to further weaken the office.

    It is mentioned also that a PPA contract was settled by the Mayor. Some successes are better than none.

    Kudos to Jannie Blackwell for her outstanding outreach to low-income residents.

    Michael E. Bell
    January 2, 2014 at 1:50 pm

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