1st Ward Blasts Karen Brown

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Rm-7183-737It could be a first in Philly politics.But with petitions filed this week, it is clear why the Democratic 1st Ward’s New Generation 1 PAC has sent out a huge mailing to many of its priority voters blasting Karen Brown.

The glitzy 7-x-9-inch mailer figured Brown’s face, slightly distorted and mouth wide open, on its address side with the heading “You can’t believe anything that comes out of Karen Brown’s mouth.” On the other side the headline read “Karen Brown. Not believable. Not for the 1st Ward. Not to be trusted.” It details her personal bankruptcies, city liens for unpaid gas bills, among other things.

The mailer would be devastating to anyone. Initially it shocked Brown. But she changed her mind when she saw the reaction she was getting from voters.

She said, “The card helped me find 20 people who agreed to file nominating petitions for committee person.”

She admitted she had been seeking people who would file nominating petitions for committee posts, indicating her aim was to replace the present ward leader. She is also running for committeewoman in the 1st Ward.

New Generation 1 PAC has as its mailing address 1514 E. Passyunk Avenue. This is also the address of the 1st Ward’s headquarters and is located in Ward’s 3rd Division. Its treasurer is Michelle Lauren Rumbaugh, who is related to Tom Rumbaugh, the ward chairman.

Many of its contributions have come from IBEW Local 98’s Committee On Political Education.


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One Response to 1st Ward Blasts Karen Brown

  1. Politics is a tough business. It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

    When did Karen Brown become a Democrat?

    Michael E. Bell
    March 16, 2014 at 2:42 pm

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