CITY HALL SAM: Is Clarke Catching Labor’s Eye?

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COUNCIL PRESIDENT Darrell Clarke may win labor's gratitude by position he's taking on PGW sale.

COUNCIL PRESIDENT Darrell Clarke may win labor’s gratitude by position he’s taking on PGW sale.

Let the jockeying for the mayoral position continue. MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER has announced he wants to sell PGW, the much-maligned gas company, and finally has a buyer. But COUNCIL PRESIDENT DARRELL CLARKE has already stood up and said he opposes the sale and he supports his labor. A substantial number of gas workers who might possibly lose their jobs if the sale goes through. Labor is not a big fan of Mayor Nutter, but more of them are starting to find Clarke very attractive.

Philadelphia is a destination for people of Irish descent to live, work, and parade. This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade attracted many political VIPs, including City COUNCILMEN KENYATTA JOHNSON, BOB HENON and Brian O’Neill alongside STATE REP. and Councilman-to-be EDDIE NEILSON. Also on hand were JUDGE ED BRADLEY, STATE REP. MARIA DONATUCCI and JUDGE PAT DUGAN.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade was not the only Irish festivity in the city. The annual 57th Ward St. Patrick’s Day Party hosted by WARD LEADER PAT PARKINSON was a big success. His friend Local 98 leader JOHN DOUGHERTY spent several hours hobnobbing with Parkinson and his guests. Among the guests were Ward Leader and COUNCILMAN BILL GREENLEE, congressional hopefuls VALERIE ARKOOSH and DAYLIN LEACH, City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ, and City Council hopeful SHERRIE COHEN.

After the weekend of Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day activities, many Philadelphians drove up the Turnpike’s Northeast Extension to attend the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick’s dinner in Olyphant, Pa. Seen at the gala were Temple University Board of Trustees CHAIRMAN PAT O’CONNOR, 66B Ward CHAIRMAN JOHN DelRICCI, powerhouse attorney STEVE COZEN, judicial hopeful JIM CRUMLISH and STATE SEN. MIKE STACK, who is also seeking the Lieutenant Governorship nod.

Also attending the Friendly Sons dinner was Philadelphia Family Court PRESIDENT JUDGE KEVIN DOUGHERTY. Judge Dougherty is the brother of John Dougherty and is perceived to be a rising star in state judicial politics. Many movers and shakers are interested in Judge Dougherty running for State Supreme Court and eventually becoming Chief Justice. No one is more interested then Judge Dougherty’s powerful brother John and that is a very good start.

A lovely dinner celebrating the retirement of the HON. SANDRA MAZER MOSS was held at the home of Superior Court JUDGE ANNE LAZARUS on Mar. 7. The guests were limited to the long-time and closest women friends of the Judge, who lauded her role as a leader among the women judges. Her outstanding ability to mentor and encourage other women in the profession, as well as the warmth and sensitivity she shared with them, were noted by everyone present. Her extraordinary talents in administering the Complex Litigation Center and in encouraging equitable and fair settlements were commented on by all.

Besides Judge Lazarus, those present were federal JUDGES NORMA SHAPIRO and CYNTHIA RUFE; retired Superior Court JUDGE PHYLLIS BECK; Common Pleas Court JUDGES ANNETTE RIZZO, PAMELA DEMBE, BARBARA JOSEPH, MARLENE LACHMAN, PATRICIA MCINERNEY, AMANDA COOPERMAN, LISA RAU and ALICE DUBOW, as well as Municipal Court JUDGE BARBARA GILBERT and retired Municipal Court JUDGE FELICE STACK. Unable to attend, but sending their best regards, were JUDGES FREDERICA MASSIAH-JACKSON and ELLEN CEISLER.

In addition to the retirement celebration, the guests also commended Judge Lazarus on her new appointment. She was recently appointed Chairperson of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board. This board regulates and polices lawyers. Specifically, it issues professional rules, hears cases about violation of professional and ethical rules, deliberates, votes, and hands out punishments for rule violations.

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