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PGWThere may be strong City Council opposition to the sale of the Philadelphia Gas Works. That is understandable due to strong opposition by the more than 1,000 members of the Gas Workers Union, and, more so, by the fact City Council was kept out of the loop.

Therefore, we do not expect a quick approval by the Council. Its members have a lot to ponder, especially how the gas boom in Pennsylvania affects the value of this utility, and if PGW management can handle adequately the pluses and minuses that face this exciting future.

Council President Darrell Clarke is on target when he says this deal won’t fly, no matter how much it brings in, until the Council Members and their constituents become fully informed. Only then, if they give their approval, will we applaud this historic sale.

We commend the coalition of activists that has been highlighting potential downsides to this venture. Their points merit serious consideration. See our story on Page 3.

We trust the general public will attend the several council hearings that will be scheduled concerning the PGW sale.

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