WALKING THE BEAT: Cawley Wins … Washington Will Too

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LT. GOV. JIM CAWLEY takes over as chairman of Delaware River Port Authority.

LT. GOV. JIM CAWLEY takes over as chairman of Delaware River Port Authority.

Last week was the 8th anniversary of the loss of Sergeant “Gunny” LE CLAIRE, Jr. who was killed while delivering a warrant. City Police Lt. Heather Bernard has been keeping his memory alive with an annual golf tourney. It is coming and will be announced. Please consider attending…. It was happy news to learn that Lt. Gov. Jim CAWLEY was named Chairman of the Delaware River Port Authority. A super guy who should be the Governor. His appointment will steady the DRPA ship of state. Cawley and his dad provided support of our St. Patrick’s Parade.

An article noted there was no effect from the indictment of State Sen. LeAnna WASHINGTON in her district. What are they expecting – a magnitude 8 earthquake? Street riots? The effect will be on election day – WHEN SHE WINS big!… I saw where a City Commissioner (one of three commissioners) questions her party’s process in selecting a City Councilman for the vacant Bill Green seat. CURIOUS. I did not hear of her questioning the rule when she served as a ward leader. The party should not be criticized: It has to follow the ELECTION CODE.

I also saw where Chaka FATTAH, Jr. will sue the IRS for damage to reputation and livelihood. GOOD, I say. We need more of this courage. Elected-by-no-one agencies want you to follow the rules – but themselves need checking…. BIRTHDAYS: The “Brain” Jeff HORNSTEIN had his two days ago. In two days it will be time for Councilman Bill GREENLEE’s party, which I hope he celebrates with some Jazz sounds. On the 31st, Sherrie Joyce COHEN has her big day – and is running for Council at Large again. She is a PROVEN vote-getter. On Apr. 3, it is State Rep. Ron WATERS’ birthday. Best wishes and God Bless. It is said that only MOSES could part the waters.

It’s great how Jeff Hornstein’s boss, City Controller Alan BUTKOVITZ, is fighting for safety at the airport where alleged poor-quality taxiway surfacing was done. A lot of work in that report!

The flap over Attorney General Kathleen KANE is starting to GET OLD and boring. The tirade by officials, invisible MOUSE-CLICK patriots, and media, are throwing so much at her that it feels like UNFAIR ADVANTAGE-GATE. And maybe rowdy revanchism with LIQUID LOGIC (?). It is NOT unusual for personality differences to occur when a political party changes in an office. KANE is a Democrat, and the FIRST WOMAN in that job. She went after the 1%. That investigation reminded me of Abscam. After it, the feds won’t push cash on people anymore to see if they will commit a crime. It’s grimy. An investigation of this sort SHOULD HAVE included lawmakers from ACROSS the Commonwealth – Caucasian, Black, Democrat and Republican!

Do the media love attacking KANE! They can get many days blasting her and leaking out details. Still, it must have been a SHOCK to see Dick SPRAGUE enter the room for a media interview. He is formidable – like a dog on a bone. They even gave her ONE rebuttal on the editorial page (with a blast alongside). One report on how constituents felt in the districts of the accused – get this – had comments from JUST THREE. Wow…. Mr. FINA went down in my book when he noted that he is a lawyer, so he does not need to hire one. Then he must know that in the USA, she has that right to counsel, not be surrounded, and have the best witness.

Then the DA slammed her on Sunday (readers were told it was coming on Saturday). As a supporter for election of every DA from Crumlish to the incumbent, I disagree when Seth Williams says KANE’S actions do not add up. The slam adds up for him if he is defending a staffer, or a pal (?). But there was TOO MUCH TO LOSE, since the DA’s Office and State Attorney General’s Office HAVE TO COOPERATE in crime-fighting! The zap sends the wrong message: that the well has been poisoned with no public mandate to do it. Will criminals break open bottles of MOËT across the state now? SETH might have been on the same stage with the accused for his election. So does the zap give a message that he does not need a party (?)

And the ALI fellow with many “K” of charges dismissed … he reads like JOAN OF ARC…. The attacks on Kane and the legislators are incremental. They seem mean-spirited to me.

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