WALKING THE BEAT: Might PGW Sale Lead To More Fires?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ POTHOLES: I heard on the radio the City was moving all over town to fix potholes. Have you seen ONE pothole repair vehicle??? Rumor says the City won’t repair potholes until after the last snowfall (?). So get out your checkbook to repair or replace wheels, bearings, tires, alignment and balance…. The labor agreement with DC 47 was welcomed. But DC 33 is still TWISTING IN THE WIND (Nixon White House term). And so is Local 22 FIREFIGHTERS. Why is 22 silent? They should also be angry at lack of progress at the burned-out Center City firehouse. DC 33 and Local 22 have been treated badly. It seems brutal and cold. Like winter. You can be sure Pete MATTHEWS will be DEEPLY involved in the upcoming mayoral campaign! If it is brutal, let’s hope that it is NOT mean-spirited to settle with one and not another (?).

PGWCould the sale of the Gas Works cause more fires in our city, and destroy a fine record on fewest fires? A private gas works could easily and quickly cut off the gas of poor or delinquent gas customers. Then some will resort to other methods to keep warm. Councilwoman Marion TASCO, please take a look at this!… CITIZEN LEADER this week is Marie DOUGHERTY of AOH 87. Marie and her partner delivered 150 food baskets over the holidays. The Ancient Order of Hibernians got a good name with a member like Marie.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Northeast Ward Leader Bernice HILL, who celebrated two days ago! Bernice has shown how HARD WORK can rebuild a ward left fallow. Her recent critics seem to have withdrawn, as BERNICE is now a ranking officer in the N.E. Ward Leaders Association. Birthdays also to Councilman David Oh, who celebrates on Mar. 8, and to FOP President John McNESBY, along with capable court official SUE HARRIS! On the 11th, South Philly Public Record Editor Rory McGLASSON has his special day. BRAVO to all.

Dottie HALL passed away. As a youth her political heart was filled with fire. She fought for good causes and was a tough opponent to have against you. Her mentor was State Sen. Buddy CIANFRANI. And former State Rep. Charlie HAMMOCK passed. He was the bright star of his party in the ’70s…. The reorganization of the Democratic Women is causing a stir. Gwen COLLINS recognized there were no meetings for a long time. Gwen is state President of the Federation of Democratic Women and a 16th Ward Committeeperson. The meeting is set for Saturday, Mar. 8 in Johnny Doc’s IBEW Hall on Spring Garden Street.

The commissioning of the USS SOMERSET was an INCREDIBLE CROWD DRAW to Penn’s Landing – even in this winter of our discontent. On just one day, 5,000 tourists, mostly Philly citizens, visited her. GREAT CREDIT should be given to Tom CORCORAN, Director of Penn’s Landing Waterfront Corp.; and to Monica Forkin SANTORO, Ship and Marina Coordinator. Thanks also to Tom ROSENDALL of Idearic (Verizon), and Dean SHOULDERS of Dave & Buster’s for support to the ship. The PUBLIC RECORD fired the first welcome salvo of the ship’s arrival. And the daily press did patriotic duty to let the public know of an event in a city where our Navy began – and made the city LOOK GOOD…. NOT SO GOOD was the lack of City officialdom. Not a Mayor, or deputy, or a proclamation in sight at the ceremony. A DISGRACE. Citizens cheered the visit in multitudes. BUT to the City – FOR SHAME.

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