CITY HALL SAM: Philly Wants Dem Convention For The Money, Honey

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Pennsylvania statewide elections usually pit regions of the state against each other. It’s a classic East vs. West match up. It’s Philadelphia City Hall vs. Pittsburgh’s City County Building. So the cities will square off once again along with 13 other cities that are competing to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

LAT TIME Democrats convened their national convention in Phila. was in 1948, when Harry Truman was nominated.

LAT TIME Democrats convened their national convention in Phila. was in 1948, when Harry Truman was nominated.

Former GOV. ED RENDELL is leading the Philadelphia effort along with powerhouse movers and shakers CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, IBEW Local 98 BUSINESS MGR. JOHN DOUGHERTY, and many other influential business and government leaders.

So why the full court press to host the DNC? It’s all about the money. Tourism is Pennsylvania’s #2 industry and its Philadelphia’s #1 industry. It will generate a lot of money, jobs, and tax revenue for Southeast Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania. The DNC in Charlotte was estimated to bring in $75 million in economic spending in 2012.

One of the heavy hitters leading the DNC charge is Congressman Brady. He hosted the heavy hitters at a luncheon fundraiser at the Prime Rib. Among the big-shot, big-check writers was DAVID L COHEN. Cohen is a political and business icon in Philadelphia, and perhaps in the nation. Comcast continues to grow and it is a mega-corporation with a global influence.

Also next to the Congressman was millionaire philanthropist JERRY LENFEST and power attorney STEVE COZEN. Also stopping by the fundraising event was STATE SEN. ANTHONY HARDY WILLIAMS and STATE SEN. and Lieutenant Governor candidate MIKE STACK. COUNCILMAN JIM KENNEY enjoyed the steak and rubbing elbows with the likes of Sheet Metal Workers’ Union head GARY MASINO and Steamfitters’ Union BUSINESS AGENT ANTHONY GALLAGHER. Seated next to Gallagher was State Senate hopeful and Plumbers’ BUSINESS AGENT JOHN KANE. DOMINICK CIPOLLINI of Keystone Advertising attended the event and chatted with State Rep hopeful MIKE DRISCOLL.

Congressional hopeful STATE REP. BRENDAN BOYLE convened a caucus for endorsement purposes of the Philadelphia part of the 13th Congressional Dist. Among the ward leaders on hand were PAT PARKINSON, SHARON LOSIER POWELL and her husband PICARD, LORI & MARTY BEDNAREK, BOB DELLAVELLA and City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ, who also made the motion to endorse Boyle. Boyle has also recently sent out direct mail and is appearing on cable-TV commercials. His key campaign team is that he is not a millionaire. Instead, he is the son of a schoolteacher and janitor and he wears his humble upbringing and blue-collar roots as a badge of honor.

CHS heard rumblings that STATE SEN. DAYLIN LEACH was offended at being called a millionaire. In fact, it is his wife who is a millionaire and Leach merely benefits from the family wealth. DR. VAL ARKOOSH does not deny being a millionaire but has also raised more money than all of her opponents in the race for that congressional seat. She is currently running radio ads and will likely be the first up on network TV.

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