CITY HALL SAM: Who Is Brendan Boyle’s Mystery Foe?

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Who is the mysterious challenger of STATE REP. BRENDAN BOYLE’S nominating petitions? Boyle, who is unchallenged for reelection to his seat in the state legislature, received a challenge to his nominating petitions for that office but the person who did so is not well-known in political circles. Nonetheless, Boyle was able to defeat the challenge on the ground that the staff member who notarized his petitions was not on state time when they did so.

PLUMBERS leader John Kane is Democrats' brightest hope in Penna. State senatorial races this year.

PLUMBERS leader John Kane is Democrats’ brightest hope in Penna. State senatorial races this year.

JOHN KANE is the head of Local 690 in the Plumbers Union and is a candidate for State Senate in Delaware Co. Kane is running a tremendous campaign and is the odds-on favorite to replace Republican TED ERICKSON. Erickson is retiring after three terms and Kane will now take on the establishment Republican in the fall. The battlefield in that seat will be highly active in that MAJORITY LEADER DOMINIC PILEGGI sees this area as his backyard. Pileggi can bring all the financial support that any Republican candidate needs. But Kane will have most of labor and much more business backing then most Democrats receive. He will also have the staunch backing of the Senate Democratic campaign committee. STATE SEN. JAY COSTA, the current Minority Leader, can sense a Democratic majority coming in the future. A linchpin to that possibility would be Kane’s victory.

Word on the street is that the Tartaglione vs. Savage vs. Sánchez blood feud was about to be resolved peacefully but ended up getting blown up. DAN SAVAGE, the former City Councilman, has been waging an aggressive campaign to unseat incumbent Democrat STATE SEN. TINA TARTAGLIONE. TOMÁS SÁNCHEZ, the husband of COUNCILWOMAN MARIA QUIÑONES SÁNCHEZ, is an additional candidate in the Democratic primary. Savage’s greatest strength has been the backing of powerful labor leader JOHN DOUGHERTY.

The Asian American Licensed Beverage Association held their annual banquet at Saigon Garden in South Philly. Among the VIPs in attendance were STATE SENS. ANTHONY HARDY WILLIAMS and MIKE STACK, along with COUNCILMAN MARK SQUILLA.

RABBI SOLOMON ISAACSON held his annual congregation Beth Solomon charity ball at the Hilton on the same evening. Among the VIPs for the aforementioned Williams, who is running for Mayor, Squilla, who continues to impress, and Stack, who is likely the nominee for Lieutenant Governor. In addition, the lovely TONYA STACK graced the podium. Also in attendance was former City Controller JONATHAN SAIDEL.

Several Senators and big donors attended a fundraiser for Mike Stack’s lieutenant-gubernatorial bid. The event was sponsored by STATE SEN. LARRY FARNESE. Among the Senators who also attended were STATE SENS. SHIRLEY KITCHEN and VINCE HUGHES. Also in attendance was DAVID GLANCEY, the former City Commissioner and Democratic Party chair, former Congressman OZZIE MYERS and his powerful ward leader brother MATT MYERS.

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