CITY HALL SAM: Wolf-Stack Ticket Looms On Horizon

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TOM WOLF: first in war, first in peace, first in money, first in ballot position

TOM WOLF: first in war, first in peace, first in money, first in ballot position

STATE REP. ED NEILSON was the MC at the National College Democratic Convention held at Temple University. Most local politicians were not aware of Neilson’s connection to the youthful Democrats but he performed well and was liked by the audience.

He introduced the former GOV. ED RENDELL, who is not as young as he used to be. Nonetheless, Rendell gave an interesting speech regarding democratic values and the legislation that his administration was able to pass. Rendell always talks about never making a lot of money as an elected official. But the amount of satisfaction he has received is priceless. These are true words and sincerely conveyed by the Governor. However, in his new gig as a lawyer and lobbyist, he is making mucho bucks.

Among the speakers invited to the young Democrats were STATE SEN. MIKE STACK was running for Lieutenant Governor. Also in attendance was JOHN KANE, the hard-driving State Senate candidate from Delaware Co. Kane is also the business agent of the Plumbers’ Union.

Congressional candidate VAL ARKOOSH made a nice presentation. It was revealed recently she is the leading fundraiser in a hotly contested 13th Congressional Dist. Arkoosh may have been a long shot at one time but in this crowded field she has a decent shot victory. However, the leader in the race is MARJORIE MARGOLIES. STATE REP. BRENDAN BOYLE still has all of Philadelphia to himself and if he can amass most of those votes would have a great shot at winning. STATE SEN. DAYLIN LEACH, the darling of the progressives, has started to turn negative toward Margolies. His path to victory is over her damaged body.

Epic trouble has been percolating in the local chapter of the NAACP. Longtime PRESIDENT JERRY MONDESIRE seems to be embroiled in a controversy over a $10,000 contribution and a $500 contribution to the civil-rights organization. Now his opposition sees an opportunity to topple him. Mondesire has weathered storms in the past. It remains to be seen if he will weather this one.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY SETH WILLIAMS has made it no secret he believes KATHLEEN KANE mishandled the corruption investigation of a number of Philadelphia politicians. He has asked Kane to name the federal authorities that she attempted to refer the case too. He believes she has not satisfactorily answered that question. Williams continues to be a hard-driving DA who combines commonsense approaches to fighting crime with a great personality and enough toughness to be both liked and respected.

Most handicappers believe TOM WOLF will be the nominee for Governor and MIKE STACK will be the Lieutenant Governor nominee. This is based on the fact that both candidates have the most money in their respective campaigns and both have drawn number-one ballot position. STATE TREASURER ROB McCORD unveiled an aggressive advertising campaign but does not seem to be moving his numbers. And it’s too late in the race for that to happen. ALLYSON SCHWARTZ has unveiled her campaign commercials, counting on her support of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. But most Pennsylvania voters don’t even know what the CHIP program is. KATIE McGINTY continues to raise substantial amounts of campaign cash. She is seen as the fourth-tier candidate but there is no telling how far she could go in the Governor’s race. She might be able to finish second, setting herself up for all kinds of other opportunities in state electoral politics.

Incumbent MARK COHEN received the endorsement of Liberty City for State Rep. Liberty City is one of the top LGBT organizations and is perceived as the progressive standard-bearer in state politics. Cohen is under siege by a young challenger JARED SOLOMON. Solomon is backed by STATE REP. BRIAN SIMS. Sims claims to be the first openly elected LGBT member. But he has stepped on a lot of feet for someone who has only been elected to one term.

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