WALKING THE BEAT: Bad Witnesses Make Bad Cases

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It has been called a sting. Others say ALI-GATE. After a week of blasting the State Attorney General, media rarely mentioned Ali in depth. After that hell week finally came an in-depth feature on the man. WOW! How a deal was struck with a fellow charged with 2,088 counts, including misuse of your taxpayer money, seems incomprehensible (?). What about credibility when the lawmakers’ cases would have been argued? This feature PROVES BEYOND A DOUBT that KANE made the right decision…. To hear some media liquid logic on the Kane matter, makes me thank God we have JUDGES to explain the law! It must be frustrating to conduct a “sting of the century” which could bring fame and glory, and have it shot down. But Ed RENDELL, a former PROSECUTOR, said Kane made the right call. We ELECTED HER to make these decisions. Some critics have not yet been elected even as Dogcatcher (Animal Control Officer).

KATHLEEN KANE made tough but correct decision.

KATHLEEN KANE made tough but correct decision.

And to infer there was some connection between Common Pleas Judge McCAFFERY is obtaining the gift of GAB without kissing the Blarney Stone – having it instead at birth…. A writer explained what John DOUGHERTY said of the four lawmakers. It read like the Local 98 chief meant the destruction of the city Democrats’ family. STRETCHING it, I thought. I am looking for a used car. I will give Kane CRITICS cash to press into Ali’s hand to buy me said car.

Joe INEMER, Business Manager of Local 16N (Inquirer and Daily News printers), was guest speaker at the PhilaLabor.Com seminar at the Painters & Glaziers Hall. Joe’s members print The Public Record…. LOCAL 22 Firefighters have cause to be sad with the proposed removal of one paramedic from each vehicle! The Nutter Administration idea REMOVES the treatment of EMS workers as a labor issue, and brings in our citizens – by creating a potentially tragic public-safety issue.

The attractiveness of Council President Darrell CLARKE’S housing plan is that it is plain and simple, no-frills common sense. A university group cautioned against a bond issue to demolish derelict homes, citing Mayor John STREET’S program. Mostly it was critical of Street’s Office’s organization of the project. The truth is that Street’s plan WORKED. And we DO need a bond issue to finish the job…. The PAPAL VISIT could attract two MILLION visitors. A crowd-control issue. Our Mayor promotes the visit. Why not back the Democratic Convention in Philly, which will draw FEWER VISITORS!

The latest edition of THE ECONOMIST – which is read worldwide – gives Pennsylvania a bad report in an Obamacare article, since we deny Medicaid to too many. Gov. “Corporate” saved money, but people are HURTING. Is it always decisions made by folks with a full belly and GUARANTEED pay checks?… One group that is pushing ahead to help the needy, with remarkable progress, is the Philly Access Center at 11th & Mifflin Streets. Their Bake Sale and Open House is on Apr. 12. Check out their good works!

I see where the BUILDING TRADES back State Rep. Mark COHEN for reelection, and the local AFL-CIO will recommend State AFL-CIO endorsement of COHEN. A GOOD decision…. State Rep. John SABATINA was appointed to the State House RULES Committee – a powerful post reserved for more-senior members. If you meet him, you like him!

It was great to see Judge James DeLEON on Facebook, sitting still to play with new grandson JORDAN; congrats!!… BIRTHDAYS: Former city Prison Commissioner Leon KING, Esq. celebrates on Apr. 8. Quiet competence. Then on the 12th, my Aunt Dianne CARUSO has her big day. Don’t let the vowel in her name fool you! Born in Dublin, she was – and a top 58th Ward Committeewoman, helping Mike STACK go for Lieut Guv. Joe RUSSO has his on 4/13. Russo was a SUPERIOR member of the Board of Revision of Taxes. He has extensive wisdom in this area and has future potential.

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