WALKING THE BEAT: Has Nutter Set His Sights On National Office?

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ TWO CURIOUS mayoral events were quietly reported: ONE said Mayor NUTTER joined with former Big Apple Mayor Bloomberg in a $50 million drive to end gun violence. Then Nutter issued a memo saying Philly will no longer participate in immigrant holds for deportation. Could this mean that he is preparing a run for higher office once he leaves City Hall?? Feels like it. He certainly will have the support of the oligarchs, and has been called a 1% leader. It may not be enough, since the city oligarchy fails to fill the role set forth by Dr. E. Digby Baltzell in his books on social stratification. Years ago he saw White Anglo-Saxon officeholders waning. He urged an “aristocracy” of distinguished members of minority groups (meaning non-WASP). They would serve the people well. Instead we see indictments of ordinary people by the “suits” and denial of homeless feeding in posh locations. CLASS WARFARE?

TOM WOLF was endorsed for Governor last weekend by Council Majority Leader Curtis JONES at Mike Rose’s Brew Pub. Wolf would be like Gov. Milton SHAPP: Business and jobs for Pennsylvania…. TOTALLY missed by the media is that Democratic-candidate supporter-BILLIONAIRE Tom STEYER is looking at helping a Democrat beat Corbett! Yeah!!

The new DISTRICT ATTORNEY conviction-review unit raises two questions: If the DA’s office ALREADY has such a unit, why not COMBINE the two? And if they (both or one unit) discover a conviction that has reversal MERIT; HOW FAR will the office go toward reversal – since it is up to a judge to decide??… News on the “sting” or ALI-GATE dribbles out like a leaky faucet. A lot of it is filler material or REHASH. A question: If hot or breaking news is being held back, it could raise suspicion the hold is for headlines or sales (?). Meanwhile, the State Attorney General’s Office continues to fight cases that can be prosecuted, and the Society of Professional Journalists magazine Quill has just published its Code of Ethics.

PEOPLE: It was reported Judge Willis BERRY lost his law license for a year. SO? Berry is having a wonderful time restoring old homes. He is a ONE-MAN REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY…. You have to be HAPPY that IBEW Chief John DOUGHERTY is back at the Delaware River Port Authority. He fought for us before and then was out. This time he will fight NOT to increase tolls!

Brandi Weimar and Edgar Juarez were wed in WILDWOOD last weekend with the Mayor doing the honors. Proud Pop Harry WEIMAR beamed. This VIETNAM Vet has done much for vets in Cape May Co. and also at the animal shelter…. The American Legion magazine cites Audie Murphy as one of the USA’s most-recognized war heroes. Incredibly, there is a Lt. Audie MURPHY in the state National Guard today. And he is deploying to Latvia where Russian forces have been troublesome. He is the son of Charles MURPHY, IBEW 98, Special Projects Coordinator.

Congressman Bob BRADY voted correctly to keep Obamacare intact. He RIGHTLY voted “no” to raise from 30 to 40 the hours worked weekly to meet Obamacare full-time worker status. He voted for equal pay for women, and against spending cuts for children…. POLITICS at Bright Hope Church are clouded. But a real settlement could come by the fine hand of church member Marian TASCO.

BIRTHDAYS: Gwen COLLINS, North Philly Committeewoman, and first Black State President of the Federation of Democratic Women – on the 22nd!…. Then PORT RICHMOND AOH has theirs TODAY!! Followed by T. Milton STREET and John DOUGHERTY on the 25th! Two wise men.

It was good to see Joe DOUGHERTY, Local 401 leader, at the Golden Gloves bouts supporting our youth. A real gentleman, he is…. Another class guy just passed: Rabbi Aaron LANDES of Congregation Beth Sholom in Elkins Park. I was proud to serve in the Navy with him. Landes was a bit conservative in his modern Frank Lloyd Wright synagog – but he loved the Lord with all his heart, soul and might.

PHILLY LABOR.COM had its radio debut. Tune in on WWDB 860 AM. Their next Meet and Greet (Apr. 29) features Michael BARNES, LEADER of IATSE Local 8. Also on the 29th is a memorial service in KIMMEL Center for “Band of Brothers” member “Wild” Bill GUARNERE, and fundraisers for Councilmen Bill GREENLEE and Jim KENNEY.

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