CITY HALL SAM: Cheers For Borinqueneers; Butkovitz Revs Up; Whither Schwartz Now?

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The 65th Brigade was honored at a ceremony in Valley Forge Park. The brigade was known as the Borinqueneers or Puerto Rican brigade and fought in Korea and Vietnam with tremendous distinction. Although much of their heroic action has gone unnoticed, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA will sign a bill recognizing them with the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.

Among those attending the ceremony were military veteran and City Committee’s own GEORGE PÉREZ. He presented citations from STATE REP. ANGEL CRUZ and CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY. One of the organizers of the event was JUVENCIO GONZÁLEZ, a legislative aide to the State Senate. Other key organizers and participants included JOSÉ M. MELENDEZ, commander, the American Legion – Latin American Post 840; JOSÉ A. RIVERA, past commander & program coordinator, the American Legion – Latin American Post 840; and the REV. DR. EMILIO MARRERO – a Captain in the US Navy.

City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ has invested substantial funds in preparing for a mayoral run 2015. His campaign consultant JOE SLADE of the firm White & Co. worked for the successful election of Detroit’s Mayor and has been a long-time consultant to VP JOE BIDEN. Butkovitz believes Philadelphia voters have transcended race. He is sure his fiscal-watchdog status will help him to win African American votes. He believes MICHAEL NUTTER’S status among African American voters indicates the ability of a white candidate to receive substantial African American votes even in a match against other African American candidates. Thus, Butkovitz believes he could do well in a matchup against STATE SEN. ANTHONY HARDY WILLIAMS or COUNCIL PRESIDENT DARRELL CLARKE.

MIKE DRISCOLL celebrated an easy coast to State House of Representatives on election night at FOP Hall.

MIKE DRISCOLL celebrated an easy coast to State House of Representatives on election night at FOP Hall.

Highly regarded businessman MIKE DRISCOLL was successful in his bid to replace STATE REP. MIKE MCGEEHAN in the 173rd House Dist. that includes Mayfair, Holmesburg, Upper Holmesburg, East Torresdale, and parts of the 66th Ward in the Far Northeast. Driscoll had run for public office a number of times but this was the first time where everything went well. The result was never in doubt against his opponents DENNIS KILDERRY and PAUL DeFINIS.

But Philadelphia will feel the loss of McGeehan, who is Chairman of the State House Transportation Committee. He has been a true fighter and dedicated servant for the interests of the city and for the interest of Pennsylvanians on much-needed road-building and public transit.

STATE REP. BRENDAN BOYLE is likely going to Congress after his successful primary bid, but what will happen to former CONGRESSWOMAN ALLYSON SCHWARTZ after her gubernatorial bid? She could go into business or be an advocate. She is still highly regarded by left-wing women’s groups but her stature is diminished from the loss. But time heals all wounds and one never knows if a repackaged Allyson Schwartz could once again pursue the glory of a statewide office victory.

Anthony Hardy Williams will be the guest of honor at an event on Friday. The purpose of the event will be to roll out a large number of heavy hitters who are already backing Williams for Mayor. Among those in attendance will be DISTRICT ATTORNEY SETH WILLIAMS and former mayoral candidate MARTY WEINBERG. But is it too early to start rolling out your mayoral backers when the major focus will be on the TOM WOLF-MIKE STACK ticket beating TOM CORBETT?

The answer is it’s never too early to show political strength. But it may be too early to judge political strength. After all, one of the biggest mistakes Schwartz made was peaking about a year and a half too early. She showed her strength and never grew stronger. That’s called peaking too early in politics.

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