CITY HALL SAM: Dem Guv Hopefuls Duck Convention-Ctr. Fracas

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TOM WOLF continues to sit atop the polls. But nobody’s asking the really tough questions of the gubernatorial candidates.

Where do they stand on the workroom changes at the Pennsylvania Convention Center? This week Local 98 leader JOHN DOUGHERTY crossed a picket line consisting of Teamsters and Carpenters at the Convention Center. Each gubernatorial candidate should be asked their opinion. Do they support the crossing of the picket line? This would be a great way to spice up the gubernatorial campaign.

CARPENTERS James Battle and Sean Anderson pass out Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters statement to passersby at Convention Center.

CARPENTERS James Battle and Sean Anderson pass out Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters statement to passersby at Convention Center.

STATE SEN. LISA BOSCOLA and Northampton Co. DA JOHN MORGANELLI joined STATE SEN. MIKE STACK to propose legislation that clamps down on contractors who misclassified their employees. Contractors misclassify to avoid paying unemployment comp and other benefits. So the three stood together in support of legislation that gives prosecutors the resources to stop this.

City Council at Large candidate ED NEILSON attended CHAIRMAN BOB BRADY’S ward meeting along with State Senator and likely mayoral candidate ANTHONY HARDY WILLIAMS. Brady’s 34th Ward continues to perform with him as the leader. He does this in addition to his congressional and chairman duties.

JOHN SABATINA’S 56th Ward continues to be one of the best organized in the city. A recent ward meeting at the American Legion on Rhawn Street was filled to capacity. Among the candidates present was JOHN SABATINA, JR., who is a shoo-in for reelection to the State House.

MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER will need the Philadelphia delegation to support his increased sales tax and increase on tobacco to get money for the schools. The word on the street is he will have an easier time doing this with the Senate delegation then with the House delegation. There continues to be tension between COUNCIL PRESIDENT DARRELL CLARKE and Mayor Nutter. Clarke has asserted himself in recent years and visited with legislators in Harrisburg. This is normally the territory of the Mayor but Nutter’s lame-duck status has contributed to Clarke’s eagerness to make new friends.

STATE SEN. LARRY FARNESE and City COUNCILMAN KENYATTA JOHNSON hung out together at the Stratus party in Center City. Developer CAROL TAMBURINO was the host and Farnese posed for photos with several attractive socialites.

STATE REP. LOUISE WILLIAMS BISHOP seemed in excellent form at Congressman Bob Brady’s ward meeting. She continues to perform at a very high level in the state legislature and is one of Philadelphia’s most-articulate and -passionate voices for education.

DUCKY BIRTS’S annual charity event was another tremendous success this year. Among the VIPs were STATE REP. MARK COHEN, City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ, STATE SENS. SHIRLEY KITCHEN and LeANNA WASHINGTON, TONYA STACK and congressional candidate BRENDAN BOYLE.

The city of Philadelphia now has only four elected Republicans. They are CITY COMMISSIONER L SCHMIDT, CITY COUNCILMEN AT LARGE DAVID OH AND DENNY O’BRIEN and 10TH DIST. COUNCILMAN BRIAN O’NEILL. A rumor has circulated for years that FOP PRESIDENT JOHN MCNESBY may take on O’Neill. McNesby would be a tremendous candidate but O’Neill has been looking more and more like a Democrat. The first rule of most politicians is survival first, and he is no exception.

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