WALKING THE BEAT: A Peaceful End To City Workers’ Long Struggle

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BY JOE SHAY STIVALA/ The signed contract between District Council 33 and Michael NUTTER is LONG OVERDUE. The long night of waiting was so unnecessary, and leaves a bad taste to be discussed again and again in groups and classes. The Mayor will get a peaceful end of term; the public and DC 33’s Pete MATTHEWS will look LONG AND HARD at candidates for Mayor!… City swimming pools are STILL closing TOO SOON. Summer is not over. It is still warm. Why leave City kids with less to do to save a few bucks? End this silly practice!

Saw an editorial saying that union rules are needed for the Convention Center. And in advance of the Labor Relations Board decision (?). This is something that could have easily been stated AFTER the ruling. Do you think it takes sides? And I heard on the car radio that the director noted good center news is “spreading like wildfire.” One major group is coming back – but not until 2017; so where is the economic impact NOW? Also said that groups are “wanting to talk to us.” So why don’t they, or did they?

228TH BIRTHDAY of US Coast Guard was marked by Armed Services Council of Union League. Guest speaker was Capt. Todd Prestdge, Commanding Officer of Cape May Training Center. He is seen with Capt. Louis Cavaliere, Chairman of Chapel of Four Chaplains in Navy Yard. Photo by Joe Stivala

228TH BIRTHDAY of US Coast Guard was marked by Armed Services Council of Union League. Guest speaker was Capt. Todd Prestdge, Commanding Officer of Cape May Training Center. He is seen with Capt. Louis Cavaliere, Chairman of Chapel of Four Chaplains in Navy Yard. Photo by Joe Stivala

I read where a policeman said he gave false testimony to protect a confidential informant from being harmed. (They are kept confidential, thus not harmed.) The concern is notable since there may not always be such high regard…. WHEW – who said August was dull? Wildwood featured the OPERATING ENGINEERS and Father BRADY’S St. Anne’s party.

Judge Michael SULLIVAN taking a well-earned rest after doing his job well for years…. Ward Leader George BROOKS’ Baltimore Clam & Shrimp Fest bus left from Progress Plaza – returning 800 lb. heavier.

King of Shrimp Sid BOOKER’S event outdid itself…. Councilman Curtis JONES displayed boxing and martial arts at Hon. Bob Henon’s Vogt Playground day, where the Councilman held his Block Captain seminar and festival!… Clementon Park was closed for Johnny DOC’S annual member picnic!… The vital Katie KIRLIN charity fundraiser in Wildwood – a great season end!

Happy BIRTHDAY around town: Ken WASHINGTON, rising star in the AFL-CIO. Martin WILLIAMS, Vice President of BOILERMAKERS Local 13. NORTHEAST: Councilman Ed NEILSON and Anna Won BAGGIO have had their happy days (although Anna’s beautiful dog just passed). Also Dennis PAGLIOTTI, Business Manager of Local 1 Bricklayers. Shellyn HOLDER, Key down in New Castle, Del. SOUTH PHILLY: Linda Chambers HALL, now retired from tax review, and Richard DOUGHERTY with a new life direction. Pine Forge Academy advocate Kenlyn BROWN in North Philly! Dynamo Realtor John O’CONNELL in Chestnut Hill! Bernie “Treasury” STRAIN in Roxborough. And congressional aide, RISING STAR Tommy BLACKWELL in West Philly. SEPTEMBER has birthdays for City Hall staffer Tom NEILSON; Judge Carolyn NICHOLS, who has the loveliest MOM; and dynamic appraiser Larry LEVY! BEST WISHES from The Public Record!

CORRECTION: Popular barrister Derek GREEN is considering a run for City Controller should Alan BUTKOVITZ run for Mayor. Class guy!… Governor “Corporate” was said to note he is doing the best he can. Well, it AIN’T good enough!

LOCAL 98 MEMBERS are working at the old Sunoco refinery, which has a 21st-century mission!!… IF the Chadwick Traffic Court report was 67 pages long, and cost $400,000, then that is $6,000 a page. A SKIMPY report compared to Arlen SPECTER’S 800-page report on the magisterial system. I will write a shorter report on accomplishments of Traffic Court overseer for just $3,000 a page. I would need approval from the Chief Justice, I guess.

State Rep. Vanessa BROWN, as Chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, is looking at improving police handling of incidents to prevent a Missouri in Philly. All that military equipment sold to police departments blurs the line between them, state police and National Guard (which has the equipment, so it is money spent twice). Once you wear or drive the equipment, you must avoid a tendency to use it…. TANEY Parade is a great idea. The Mayor has told our town parading groups that parades are expensive, so raise the money. So who pays for Taney??

State Rep. Michelle BROWNLEE did a “patriotic” act distributing school supplies to kids. Did you see the list of supplies the schools say the kids need to BUY?… Mike KATES in the Northeast reportedly took out a loan for school uniforms.

LOST BRETHREN: Abraham POLAKOFF, Past Master of St. John’s Masonic Lodge. A life of service. Yolanda DONATUCCI, 102, like her son, was a living legend…. And my old Navy boss Rear Adm. Tony MURRAY. Murray asked the White House for the top job at the Merchant Marine Academy. He got Superintendent of the US MINT instead. He tightened security there so well, that they called it “USS MINT.” Miss you, skipper.

ALL THE HYPE about DILWORTH PLAZA; not much for Mayor Richardson DILWORTH. If you call your Councilman with a plaza complaint, you could be referred to The Center City District which has suzerainty over it. Sort of like the VATICAN within Rome…. BRAVOS: State Rep. Mark COHEN is easily assimilating into his new district. His district office opening at 6349 Rising Sun Avenue was a SUCCESS!!

Kudos also to Pat BIANCIULLI, Esq., who is Of Counsel to Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky PC. Can’t ask for better…. FINAL NOTE: A lot of pols announce their fundraisers and events on Facebook. Press releases are fewer (though more detailed). I always see before-and-after events of Hon. Curtis JONES on FB. But FB alone will not get you reelected. A good mix of print media stories, photos and ads, TV-radio, street work AND social media does.
The Brendan Boyle for Congress campaign was invigorated with the baptism of Kiera Eileen Boyle…. A VET in need in N.E. Philly is looking for a donation of bedroom furniture pieces. He and wife on Social Security pay hundreds in furniture rental.

EVENTS not to miss: Rail Fans – Aug. 16 is the 75th anniversary of the wreck of the BLUE COMET in Chatsworth, N.J. at the site where the top seashore train crashed in a severe rainstorm. A survivor will be on hand to tell the tale. Two coaches are on tracks a few miles away at Winslow Junction…. IRISH – Sep. 3 will mark the honoring of a monument to Commodore John BARRY, Navy father, at Penn’s Landing. Bagpipers are needed!… On Sep. 14, we unveil a historical marker to Matthew CAREY, publisher and angel to immigrants. The AOH is now raising money for the marker at 4th & Market Streets.

John DEAN was in town to talk more about a new book on WATERGATE because youth need to know. REALLY? Go away…. Cigarette Tax NON-VOTE. Do they really dislike us upstate? Did they use to give their vagrants a bus ticket to Philly?… Do Convention Center execs strut like roosters in a henhouse – since two unions are ejected?

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