OUR OPINION: High Court Smells To High Heaven

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Score one for Chief Justice Ronald Castille with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court moving to relieve Justice McCaffery “on an interim basis of any and all judicial and administrative responsibilities as a Justice.”

In 30 days, the Judicial Conduct Board said the decision “shall make a determination, on an emergency basis, whether there is or is not probable cause to file formal misconduct charges.” Dissenting was Madame Justice Debra Todd. She said, “Even a Justice is entitled to due process.”

His pay will still continue during this process. The ruling hit McCaffery hard. Usually, over the last two years, he was often heard blasting the Chief Justice for targeting him for personal reasons.

We think the majority of them smell to high heaven! It’s time for voters to remember when each comes up. But, alas, voter memory is so short.

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