School Choice Campaign Ends TV Blitz

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school choicePhilly School Choice, a new coalition supporting a greater role for parents in education, announced the halfway point in the end this week of a monthlong television ad campaign to promote tax-credit scholarships for private schools.

David Hardy, spokesman for, said, “Critics of charter schools need to accept that once people can see the difference in the quality of the education that their children receive, their views change. Critics can’t argue with a parent who wants the best for their child, and I know first-hand that the strongest advocate for change is a parent with a child on a waiting list. They will fight to expand opportunities for their children and others. That includes tax-credit scholarships for private schools too.”

The campaign was created by Choice Media, a New Jersey-based messaging group and website focused on education news across the country. Bob Bowdon, executive director, said, “The premise of running a television campaign came about simply as an equal time concept.”

Bowdon also answered the call for a list of funders with, “The funders aren’t in the ads – the ads are all Philadelphia parents. As usual, the School District apologists want to change the subject away from the what actual parents are saying – the content of the ads – to ad hominem attacks on what each funder did last year, two years ago, and three years before that. Then we will have stopped talking about children and families.”

You can view one of the ads by going to the following link:

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