CITY HALL SAM: Ed Rendell, Hurting The Ones Who Love Him … Again

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WHY DOES Ed Rendell spurn his most-faithful supporters?

WHY DOES Ed Rendell spurn his most-faithful supporters?

What does former Pennsylvania GOV. ED RENDELL have up his sleeve? Rendell hosted a fundraiser to benefit the candidacy of KEN TRUJILLO, who is running for mayor of Philadelphia. Trujillo is perceived as a long long shot in the race. But Rendell continues to mystify in that he always chooses to thumb his nose at those who have supported him for decades.

Former DISTRICT ATTORNEY LYNNE ABRAHAM carried the water for him in putting together crime bills and helping him when he was both Mayor and Governor. STATE SEN. ANTHONY WILLIAMS worked to advance minimum-wage legislation while Rendell was Governor. So Rendell paid back both of those candidates by subtlety endorsing their opponent and helping him raise money. But as everyone knows, that’s just Ed….

DAN GRACE and many Teamsters along with MIKE GUINAN and many Sheet Metal Workers were at the FOP Hall last week to recognize JOHN DelRICCI as Parkwood’s Man of the Year. Also on hand were WARD LEADERS BOB DELLAVELLA, MIKE McALEER, MIKE STACK, PAT PARKINSON, SHAWN DILLON, JOHN SABATINA and JANICE SHULMAN. DelRicci has not declared his candidacy for the State House but is highly regarded in the community.

BART BLATSTEIN, the developer and potential casino magnate, told several media outlets last week that the decision to award a license to Live was a terrible decision. Interestingly, one of the main partners at Parx casino just outside of Philadelphia is also one of the main partners for the new casino license.

BOB GREEN is a very likable individual. But is he so likable that he should be benefiting from two casino licenses? Folks, better just ask Bart Blatstein.

KATIE McGINTY is officially the Chief of Staff for GOV.-ELECT TOM WOLF. She is also a good friend of State Senator and LT. GOV.-ELECT MIKE STACK. McGinty is a native of Northeast Philadelphia where she grew up in a family of 10 kids and attended St. Hubert’s HS. Stack introduced her for her first confirmation committee hearing when she served as DEP Secretary. McGinty refers to Stack as her homeboy and he refers to her as his homegirl. Let’s see if Philadelphia benefits from the local connection.

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