ELEPHANT CORNER: Kathleen Kane’s Downward Spiral

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KATHLEEN KANE'S frequent equivocations and slips since becoming Attorney General may have done her more harm than anyone she has prosecuted so far.

KATHLEEN KANE’S frequent equivocations and slips since becoming Attorney General may have done her more harm than anyone she has prosecuted so far.

KATHLEEN KANE – not ready for prime time. I am going to turn over the quill to a female in the herd for this discussion.

When Kathleen Kane ran for Attorney General against Cumberland Co. DISTRICT ATTORNEY DAVID FREED, I did not want her to win – not just because she is a Democrat, but because Freed was clearly more qualified. Freed had been a prosecutor for roughly 20 years and had experience running a DA’s office. He was endorsed not only by most Republican DAs in Pennsylvania but also by many Democratic DAs. Kane, by contrast, was an Assistant DA in Lackawanna Co. It was reported that in that position she took less than 20 cases to trial. The good thing about having a limited record is that there are fewer bad things to explain. Unfortunately for her, she now has a track record.

In the 2012 election, she promised to review the JERRY SANDUSKY prosecution suggesting that then-ATTORNEY GENERAL TOM CORBETT mishandled the case. She also ran ads with the slogan of “Send a prosecutor to Harrisburg, not a politician,” suggesting that seasoned and highly respected prosecutor Freed was really a politician in sheep’s clothing.

Well, both were not true. After an extensive review by a special investigator of the Sandusky case, she was pained to admit that Corbett’s prosecutors did their jobs. We now know who the political animal was in that race.

Sadly, not only is she a politician, she is not a good one. She had been touted as a possible candidate against US SEN. PAT TOOMEY in 2016. CHRIS MATTHEWS suggested that she could be President. After her serious missteps over the past year, she may be lucky to serve out her term as AG.

CHIEF JUSTICE of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court RON CASTILLE appointed a special prosecutor to look into allegations that she (and perhaps others) illegally leaked information. She has hired New York attorney GERALD SHARGEL, who has also represented stellar citizens like JOHN GOTTI. She hired a real-life Olivia Pope, LANNY DAVIS, who was counsel to PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON. (Just in case you do not watch TV, Olivia Pope is a fictional Washington crisis manager in the show “Scandal”.)

This is on top of her recent false claims that email exchanges among former AG employees (and others) of hardcore pornography included images of children. The next day, her office released a statement that the images of children were not pornographic. Why did she mention the pictures of children when discussing pornographic email exchanges if she believed the images were innocent? As her statements on this topic were made in an interview on CNN, I guess we can go watch the tape.

But remember, she does not trust tapes. She claimed a sting investigation, conducted by now-Philadelphia prosecutor and then-ASSISTANT AG FRANK FINA was seriously flawed. Fina had a number of state legislators and a Traffic Court judge on tape accepting illegal contributions. Interestingly enough, Philadelphia DA SETH WILLIAMS decided to pick up the cases, and the Traffic Court judge recently pled guilty.

It was over this investigation that she found herself on the wrong side of the mainstream media in Southeastern Pennsylvania. After another Philadelphia paper published a less-than-favorable article about her in respect to this investigation, she demanded an interview with the editorial board. She arrived at the meeting with controversial attorney RICHARD SPRAGUE and refused to comment based on advice from counsel.

Luckily for Kane, she is under a gag order in the current grand-jury investigation which means she is legally prohibited from putting her foot in her mouth.

Fundraising season is upon us for next year’s municipal races. Tuesday, Dec. 2, there will be an event for MATT WOLFE, candidate for City Council at Large at the Racquet Club with LT. GOV. JIM CAWLEY as the guest speaker. Thursday, Dec. 4, there will be a fundraiser for CITY COMMISSIONER AL SCHMIDT at the home of MIKE CIBIK and MONICA CZAPLA.

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2 Responses to ELEPHANT CORNER: Kathleen Kane’s Downward Spiral

  1. Perhaps her focus on Sandusky being mishandled by Corbett was the wrong case to focus on.

    From a politician’s soapbox, it gained her attention. From a prosecutorial standpoint she not only should have, but should focus on the fact that AG Corbett, more specifically his Chief Deputy AG, now Labor Secretary Julia K. Hearthway, obstructed and buried a criminal complaint concerning documented corruption of several workers’-compensation judges. IFS (Insurance Fraud section Referral No: 541-63-1806. One of those Judges was this man: http://www.woodsidewebs.com/fs/index.php?action=21

    As a result of the Lackawanna Co. Pay to Play corruption trial that landed two County Commissioners in prison, Gov. Corbett’s appointed the afforemntioned man’s brother to the WC Appeal Board, AFTER his admissions to corruption of a public official: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/ExNom/Resources/Files/Letters/Nominations/3728.pdf

    So, as Kane is certainly familiar with these hometown political Democratic strongmen, how is it she won’t investigate this case? Perhaps the fact she has hired another member of that family to the AGs Office might give us a clue: http://padisciplinaryboard.org/look-up/pa-attorney-info.php?id=311343&pdcount=0.

    November 30, 2014 at 1:36 pm

  2. Slammer time for Kathleen Kane.

    June 6, 2015 at 2:03 am

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