OUR OPINION: The Winners Of 2014 – Let’s All Wish ’Em Luck

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Republican and Democratic leaderships were elected to both chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly last week. We cannot list them all here. But since they all get their own copy of this newspaper weekly, we do wish them luck and trust they understand a few things.

1. We need money for Philadelphia schools.

2. We don’t want money at the expense of more taxes.

3. We need Gov.-Elect Tom Wolf, together with Lt. Gov.-Elect Mike Stack, to bang tom-toms next to the ears of the members of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which is reported soon to be announcing Philadelphia’s second casino license will be located at 10th & Oregon. If that decision comes down, all hell will break loose. That choice will not be popular in its neighborhood. We see the strong hand of Comcast involved somehow. Their entertainment complex is the only winner when their off-season sets in. Lawsuits will hold up the extra casino and we need that revenue badly. The City has already lost millions because of the almost two-year delay between the final hearings of applicants and the decision.

4. We need every member of the General Assembly to forget his or her local needs, walking-around money, and all the other emoluments of office with which to enhance themselves in their district. Let’s let appropriations bills and tax bills go by without greedy amendments.

5. We caution Gov.-Elect Wolf not to be overzealous in proving his administration is full of virgins who can’t be allowed to accept a meal, or a fact-finding trip. His new oath of purity reminds us of administrations past, where similar efforts failed. Too rigid a standard of executive purity risks exposing his administration to unnecessary cheap shots should one of his appointees trip over a line in the sand. And as a chief executive facing a legislature in the firm grip of the other party, he can afford no such cheap shots.

6. Let’s give State Rep. John Taylor, our city’s lone Republican advocate in the General Assembly, the best possible support when he comes to his fellow Republican members laden with sacks full of long-ignored and needful requests from Philadelphia. We do return more in taxes to the Commonwealth than we receive. It will be absolutely vital, however, for Taylor to make that argument on behalf of Philadelphia’s Democrats and independents as well as its Republicans.

7. We thank those who have served us, including House Speaker Sam Smith, who has retired after three decades of good service.

8. To those not returned due to the wishes of their electorate, we say, “If you are predisposed, give it a try again. Don’t get sullen or mad. You messed up somewhere.”

9. Those who find themselves in the minority in their respective lawmaking chamber, we know well how it hurts. But don’t let your frustrations hinder you in exercising your duty to vote.

10. To all those involved in the coming legislative session, Godspeed. If you fail to get the paper your fellow colleagues enjoy weekly, call us.

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One Response to OUR OPINION: The Winners Of 2014 – Let’s All Wish ’Em Luck

  1. 1) We want more money.
    2) We don’t want to pay taxes.

    Those are two things that aren’t possible together. In order to spend more money, it has to come from somewhere. Maybe that’s taxing gas drillers. Maybe that’s raising income taxes on high earners. But new taxes probably have to be part of it somewhere.

    November 13, 2014 at 7:05 pm

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