OUR OPINION: Back To School On Capitol Hill

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Will General Assembly leaders from both chambers do all of us a favor this term without wasting time as to who gets or does not get the credit by taking care of funding shortfalls for education?

You honorable men and women know what’s wrong. Half of you, by now, have already declared you are aware of the problems leading to expected shortfalls to be announced by a host of school boards around the state. The Philadelphia delegation has constantly alerted the majority of House and Senate members to Philadelphia Co.’s chronic educational underfunding.

The Commonwealth has been enjoying an upward surge in income for a variety of reasons and from myriad source, especially from fracking. We understand the present low prices for oil will curtail some of this … but we ask you not to use that as an excuse.

How about transferring some of the House and Senate rainy-day set-aside funds over to the administration earmarked as replacement money for what is no longer received from the federal government?

Just think how nice it will be to finish this school year and begin the next without the need for demonstrations by students and teachers.

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