CITY HALL SAM: Who’s Running For Attorney General?

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Although the Phillies opener was expected to be underwhelming for a fan base accustomed to division championships, a number of notables did show up for the home opener. Famous trial lawyers TOM KLEIN and SHANIN SPECTER took their usual seats behind home plate. They were joined by political consultant LARRY CEISLER.

Josh Shapiro... running for AG?

Josh Shapiro… running for AG?

Joining our military men and women on the field to unfold the massive American flag was LT. GOV. MIKE STACK, a.k.a. Capt. Mike Stack of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard 28th infantry division. He was joined by two-star GEN. WALTER LORD who served in the Pennsylvania National Guard.
STATE SEN. LARRY FARNESE joined former Philly great pitcher TOMMY GREENE in the Phillies alumni box. Greene looked like he could still play. Farnese actually played college baseball at Villanova.
A recent poll conducted by mayoral hopeful JIM KENNEY found Kenney ahead of STATE SEN. ANTHONY WILLIAMS by one point. LYNNE ABRAHAM conducted her own poll which indicated her leading the pack by double digits. It is only a matter of time before Williams conducts his poll, which will undoubtedly have him leading.
It is only a matter of time before Democrats start publicly asking for the resignation of KATHLEEN KANE. It appears that her indictment will hold and the only question is whether or not she will be formally charged.  But some Democrats believe it would still be inappropriate to bury the former superstar of Pennsylvania politics. She is still a tough and attractive individual, even though the last two years of her term has been nothing short of disaster. She has been abandoned by her top staffers. But anyone looking for loyalty in politics should get a dog.
Montgomery County COMMISSIONER JOSH SHAPIRO is thought to be interested in a run for Attorney General. If he decides to join the race, you may see his supporters or proxies start calling for Kane’s resignation. Given his strong connection to GOV. TOM WOLF, Shapiro is on many insiders short list to replace Kane. But it is unlikely Senate Republicans would confirm someone that wants to run for a full term, especially when one of their own members, STATE SEN. JOHN RAFFERTY, has already indicated his intent to run for Attorney General.
An ideal replacement would be AUDITOR GENERAL EUGENE DiPASQUALE. DePasquale is in his first term as Auditor General. He has a statewide victory under his belt. Plus his narrative is very attractive. His ethical, good-government track record is a known commodity in Harrisburg and around the state.
A recent poll indicated JOE SESTAK has lost ground in his US Senate quest against PAT TOOMEY, but none of the other potential Democratic challengers appears to be real. Philadelphia DA SETH WILLIAMS, STATE SEN. VINCE HUGHES, Josh Shapiro, Former Scranton-area CONGRESSMAN CHRIS CARNEY and Bucks County CHAIR JOHN CORDISCO have had their names floated. Sestak has $1.35 million in the bank, so his challenger would need to start raising money soon. A candidate who is independently wealthy may be an attractive choice some insiders have speculated.
Another great candidate would be former GOV. ED RENDELL. But it appears he is going to be a key player to the presidential campaign of HILLARY CLINTON.

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