‘Sal’ Picked For Pinnacle Man Of The Year

by Maria Merlino

The Millay Club Alumni Association of Neumann-Goretti has announced Salvatore J. Patti as its 2015 Pinnacle Award Man of the Year. Growing up, Patti was fascinated by successful people, what they did to achieve success by owning their own businesses or being part of a bigger business.

SALVATORE J. “Sal” Patti, PNC Bank’s senior VP of commercial banking, stands in front of wall of awards and honors he has gleaned over the years. Photo by Maria Merlino

SALVATORE J. “Sal” Patti, PNC Bank’s senior VP of commercial banking, stands in front of wall of awards and honors he has gleaned over the years. Photo by Maria Merlino

He was highly influenced by the Norbertine priests in St. John Neumann HS who instilled in him the concept of working hard, being passionate and giving back to society.

“You’ve got to find your own path in life and never forget where you came from,” he says philosophically. “Business is an art and depends on the types of relationship you build. My employer, PNC Bank, has been very good to me and helps in my visibility in the community. The American Dream is to be successful, self-sustaining and paying it forward.”

This concept of hard work is not new to him. Born in Sicily and brought over to the US in 1968 by his parents and grandparents, Patti celebrated his second birthday in America on Jul. 12 of that year. His father was a cabinetmaker who joined the Carpenters Union and his mother was a seamstress whose specialty was invisible weaving.

They made a short stop in Overbrook but then settled in South Philadelphia where he still resides in Girard Estates. He struggled with the language at first, but his parents made sure he took classes in English.

“They worked for everything and let me know that I too had to work. My first job at 14 was working in Betty’s Discount Store as a stock boy. I remember my Aha! moment in an economics class at Neumann. The concept of business was for me. I choose Philadelphia University as my college and got my degree in accounting,” he relates.

Patti is competitive and loves to work both sides of his brain and is committed to a life of service to the community. He is interested in the arts and sits on several boards, including the Studio Incamminati School for Contemporary Realist Art, where he is friends with the world-famous portrait artist Nelson Shanks.

“Life is a contact sport,” he said. “To have the ability to meet so many different people and for them to be successful and for me to be successful as well. I dedicate this honor of the Pinnacle Award to my parents and grandparents who always said that it wasn’t important how much money you have in your pocket but the number of friends you have and the ability to bring them together. I’m very humbled by this award.”

Patti is married to Pina Carabello Patti, Esq. and has two children, Joseph and Annalise. The award ceremony will be held at the Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel on May 16. For ticket information go to www.millayclub.org.

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