City Hall Sam: Was Vincent Hughes Taking Sides?

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After his defeat for Mayor, what will STATE SEN. TONY WILLIAMS do? In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer interview, he eviscerated his colleague and Senate Democratic Appropriations Chairman VINCENT HUGHES. Hughes had conducted his own poll of the Mayor’s race and came to the conclusion JIM KENNEY was going to win. This in Hughes’ mind, warranted going against the majority of his colleagues in Harrisburg and endorsing Kenney. Williams took the unusual step of publicly calling out that “betrayal.”

VINCENT Huges certainly seemed to have Jim Kenney's back.

VINCENT Huges certainly seemed to have Jim Kenney’s back.

Rumor has it the Senate Democrats had a recent brouhaha over unity. Will there be repercussions? Some have speculated that this type of feud is not new, it’s just now out in the open. But one question that troubles many minds: Is Sen. Hughes the Appropriations Chair from Philadelphia, or is the Appropriations Chair just something Hughes utilizes for himself? What is inevitable is the battle may not be between Williams and Hughes but between all of the Democrats in the Senate Democratic caucus.
In the meantime, there are other races that must be won. Among them is the statewide quest of Kevin Dougherty for Supreme Court. Philadelphia must have a strong representative on the court. The only way that realistically happens is if the disunity ceasees. So it’s time to mend fences and move on.
Speaking of moving on, CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY emerged from the fractious mayoral campaign looking fine. He hosted a unity breakfast with Kenney and the ward leaders. Kenney acknowledged Brady was not with him but is still his “dear friend.” Philadelphia needs to make sure it maximizes it’s vote for
Kevin Dougherty, David Wecht, and Christine Donahue. Electing these three to the top court will give the Democrats a safety ball in case the Republicans try to Gerrymander redistricting lines.

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