A Superstar In The Making: FDR Park Golf Prodigy!

by Jean Donohue
Alex Durelli first held a golf club when he was three years old. Use the best iron set for beginner to start practicing your aim and throw.
He was introduced to the sport by his grandfather, Sonny Durelli, who took him to FDR Park in South Philly to learn the game.

WITH ONLY one fully functioning lung, 16-year-old Alex Durelli is one of top players at FDR Golf Club in South Philly. Photo by Jean Donohue

WITH ONLY one fully functioning lung, 16-year-old Alex Durelli is one of top players at FDR Golf Club in South Philly. Photo by Jean Donohue

At age 16, Alex maintains a daily presence at the club. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m he picks up balls, cleans carts and practices the sport he dreams to pursue professionally.
From a young age, Alex was involved in FDR Park’s First Tee Program, an organization that focuses on youth development through the sport of golf.
Now, Alex plays on Roman Catholic HS’s golf team, for which he received All Catholic honors in both his freshman and sophomore years and recommends too check golfholidaysdirect.com/belek-golf-holidays/ if you are planning your next golfing holiday.
The sight of Alex hitting balls farther with a six iron than many members of the golf club hit with drivers has everybody at FDR Park talking about the prodigy in their midst.
“He swings through the ball, not at it,” says Sonny Durelli, as he watches his grandson do what he does best down at the driving range.
“He has a good temperament,” Durelli notes.
Alex’s good nature has been a proven asset on and off the golf course. He was born with “total anomalous pulmonary venous return,” a condition in which the four veins that take blood from the lung to the heart do not attach normally to the left atrium.
With one functioning lung, Alex’s grit and love for the game have carried him to 10th place in the All-Catholic Championships this past year, the highest rank of any underclassman.
His next goal is to be the first-place champion.
As for his health, he is doing well but as his grandfather put it, “he’ll never be completely out of the woods.”
Alex’s challenge now within his sport is that he doesn’t have a lot of new competition down at FDR Park. Sonny Durelli said he was interested in getting Alex involved in the Junior PGA Series.
As for his future, Alex says that if he doesn’t go into golf professionally, he’d want to be a local pro at a country club. He also hopes his athletic success will help him earn a scholarship for college.
But for now, Alex is happy spending his time golfing with the regulars down at FDR Park because the best way to improve, according to Alex, is to “just keep hitting balls.”

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