DARRELL CLARKE: Public Servant Of The Year 2016

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DarrellClarkeIn weighing our choices for the Philadelphia Public Record’s 2016 Public Servant of the Year, our editorial team had to ask ourselves:

Who was the linchpin of City government in 2015 and will remain the linchpin of City government in 2016, despite a mayoral turnover?

Who has grappled with all the major issues of Philadelphia in his district? A place where opportunity stands shoulder to shoulder with poverty; great privilege with great disadvantage. A place where progress is a necessity, not a luxury.

Who has doggedly pursued all the key issues facing our city for 17 years in office?

City Council President Darrell Clarke is not just our choice – he’s Philadelphia’s choice. He is the steady pivot on which City Hall is swiveling from one mayoral administration to the next.

The man is good at his craft of public service. We are always free to disagree with him on any given point, as citizens of a democracy; but we should all acknowledge, regardless of party, that our Council President is interested in making things happen – things that need to happen because they are government responsibilities.

Clarke makes City business happen, promptly and orderly. And that’s a quiet, steady winning strategy for Philadelphia.

We will be honoring the City Council President at our anniversary banquet at Galdo’s on Mar. 24 Please join us for this memorable occasion.

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2 Responses to DARRELL CLARKE: Public Servant Of The Year 2016

  1. I’d like to attend the Councilman Darrell Clark Banquet.
    Call me at: 215-240-9754
    Thank you!

    Reginald Carter
    February 6, 2016 at 12:00 am

  2. We have passed your request on to Mr. John David, who will contact you.

    Tony West
    February 18, 2016 at 10:54 am

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