Petitions Reveal Some District Fights – And Surprises – In Philadelphia

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MANY candidates from Phila. trudged out to Harrisburg earlier this week to file their nominating petitions for General Assembly primary races, like Lou Lanni here, running in 182nd Legislative Dist. Other announced candidates did not make it. Nevertheless, expect lively races across town this spring.

MANY candidates from Phila. trudged out to Harrisburg earlier this week to file their nominating petitions for General Assembly primary races, like Lou Lanni here, running in 182nd Legislative Dist. Other announced candidates did not make it. Nevertheless, expect lively races across town this spring.

Without primary opposition are two city Congressmen: the 1st Dist.’s Bob Brady, who is also chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Committee and the 13th Dist.’s Brendan Boyle.

2nd Dist. Congressman Chaka Fattah, on the other hand, faces stiff challenges from State Rep. Dwight Evans and 9th Ward Leader Daniel Muroff.

In the 1st State Senate Dist., State Sen. Lawrence Farnese, Jr. (D-S. Phila.) is being challenged by South Philadelphian John Morley, Jr. Morley is well known, having run in the district, but not against Farnese. He had switched to the Republican Party for a time, but is now more comfortable as a Democrat.

The 3rd Senatorial Dist. is missing the familiar name of State Sen. Shirley Kitchen (D-N. Phila.), who announced her retirement and her sponsorship of attorney Sharif Street as her successor. That led to an official endorsement by the ward leaders in her district. Challenging him is DeShawnda Lenee Williams.

State Sen. John Sabatina finds competition for his 5th Dist. seat from State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Northeast). In the Republican primary will be Ross Eric Feinberg, longtime community activist.

State Sen. Vincent Hughes has no Democratic primary or Republican general opposition.

Republican incumbent State Rep. Martina White (R-Northeast) has no opposition in the primary, but has to wait to see which of the two challengers for the Democratic nomination in her 170th Dist. she will face – endorsed Democrat Matthew J. Darragh or Francis M. Nelms.

While State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Northeast) has elected to add another front to face this primary, by challenging Sen. Sabatina, he faces no primary opposition for his current seat. In the general for the 172nd, the Republicans are going with James Vincent Pio II.

State Rep. Michael Joseph Driscoll (D-Northeast) has neither a Democrat nor Republican challenger in the 173rd Dist. Neither does State Rep. Ed Neilson (D-Northeast) in the 174th.

State Rep. Mike O’Brien (D-Kensington) in the 175th Dist. Will face challenger Sean Sullivan. There is no Republican opposition.

Republican State Rep. John Taylor (R-Northeast), a major player in Harrisburg for Philadelphia and leader of the Republican City Committee, has no primary opposition in his 177th Dist. But he has a general contest from Joseph Hohenstein who filed in the Democratic primary.

Also without Democratic primary and Republican general opposition are State Reps. Jason Dawkins (D-Kensington), 179th; James Clay, Jr., (D-Kensington), 179th; Angel Cruz (D-Kensington), 180th; W. Curtis Thomas, 181; William Keller (D-S. Phila.), 184th; and Maria Donatucci (D-S. Phila.), 185th.

State Rep. Jordan Harris (D-S. Phila.), 186th, faces well-known political consultant Nathan Chatmon in the primary, but has no Republican opponent in the general.

State Rep. James Roebuck (D-W. Phila.) finds the field in the 188th is clear and he is on his way back to Harrisburg without a Republican challenge in the general.

State Rep. Vanessa Brown (D-W. Phila.), 190th Dist., facing criminal proceedings, finds primary opposition in abundance and hopes that works to her advantage. They include Wanda Logan for a return engagement, Darryl Thomas, Reginald Louis Howard, Theodore Smith, Movita Johnson-Harrell and Raymond H. Bailey. No Republicans filed.

Not facing challenges in either the primary or general is State Rep. JoAnna McClinton (D-W. Phila.) in the 191st.

The 192nd is another story. Filing to replace State Rep. Louise Bishop (D-W. Phila.) in the Democratic primary are endorsed candidate Lynwood Savage, Morgan Cephas, Edwin Santana, Jestine Johnson and Steven Jones. No Republican challenge here.

State Rep. Pamela DeLissio (D-Northwest) faces competition from Sean Patrick Stevens in the 194th. The winner will be opposed by Republican Billy Pounds in his second go-around for this seat.

State Rep. Donna Bullock (D-N. Phila.) has challenges from Jimmie Moore and Donnell Lamar Jones, but no Republican challenge in the general for the 195th Dist.

Enjoying no opposition in the primary or in the general election are State Reps. Leslie Acosta (D-N. Phila.), 197th, and Rosita Youngblood (D-Northwest) in the 198th.

The 200th, left vacant by State Rep. Cherelle Parker (D-Northwest), now a member of City Council, has a primary fight. Filing are Tonyelle Cook-Artis, Christopher Rabb and Bobbie Curry. Cook-Artis is endorsed. The winner of this contest will be challenged by Republican Latryse McDowell.

State Rep. Steven Kinsey (D-Northwest) can concentrate on serving his constituents, without a Democratic or Republican challenger.

But it’s a Rocky Balboa return match in the 202nd as State Rep. Mark Cohen (D-Northeast) is challenged again by Jared G. Solomon.

State Rep. Dwight Evans, 203rd, has elected to turn his seat over to popular Ward Leader Isabella Fitzgerald. He now is concentrating on his challenge to unseat incumbent Congressman Chaka Fattah. With this one, read between the lines, since her 10th Ward brings out huge numbers in primaries and it is within the 2nd Congressional Dist.

Republicans filed in each of the three congressional districts. In the 1st, Dr. Debbie Williams, a minister will tackle Brady. In the 2nd, businessman James Jones will challenge the winner of the Democratic primary. In the 13th, educator Armond James will make his second try for a ticket to Washington.

All three Republicans are unopposed in the spring primary.

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