OUR OPINION: Soda Tax Promises Food Fight In Phila. City Council

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kenney-chasing-soda-largeCommunity leaders, small-business owners, labor leaders and citizens have banded together to fight a 3-cents-an-ounce tax on sugary beverages like soda, teas and juice drinks.

They charge a 12-pack of soda’s cost would nearly double – to more than $8 – due to the tax; $2.04 tax on a 2-liter bottle would be more than the cost of the product itself and a family pack of beverages would be more than double the cost due to a $7.20 added tax, bringing the price to more than $13.

Small neighborhood grocery stores and their customers would bear the greatest burden of this tax. Stores would be forced to pass on the cost of the tax to working families who can’t afford to shop in the suburbs in order to evade this tax. Other businesses would lose revenue from consumers shopping outside the city.

“Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association members in Philadelphia will work to ensure that Mayor Kenney and City Council Members are aware of the negative impact of the proposed ‘sugar-sweetened beverage tax’ on consumers, retailers and the beverage industry,” said Dave McCorkle, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, which represents 3,200 retail food stores that employ more than 150,000 workers across Pennsylvania. “We do expect that, if enacted, consumers will be forced to purchase many products of choice outside of Philadelphia.”

The tax will face hurdles. A similar tax proposal from Mayor Michael Nutter failed to pass City Council.

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One Response to OUR OPINION: Soda Tax Promises Food Fight In Phila. City Council

  1. I am tired of Pennsylvania goverment taxing everyone as they sit there wasting taxpayers money. PennDOT repaved Frankford Avenue after so many complaints of auto damage due to Pothole like myself and the PGW tears up the newly paved road 9 days after the paving was done to install new gas pipes. Now Frankford Avenue & Academy Road towards Bensalem is a mess again…

    Let’s raise taxes to cover up the mismanagement of goverment. Don’t even ask about Section 8 fraud and the County just lets it go. Yes, this is federal money.

    April 14, 2016 at 5:34 pm

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