Our Opinion: DNC, City Did Their Best!

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DNC Cartoon

God bless the patience of the City’s Police Bicycle Corps. Their quiet presence sent a calming message to some of the thousands of protestors looking to create a ruckus and earn some television time.

It was obvious Commissioner Richard Ross’ blue line knew what to do, how to do it, and were prepared for anything … even bringing huge buses up the rear, just in case protestors needed to be carried off.

While political tensions sent an electric air through some of the convention proceedings, both in the Wells Fargo Center and on the streets of the city, the convention was overall a lot of fun for all Philadelphians – even for protestors, even for Republicans. The actual exercise of democratic rights, including freedom of speech, can be stimulating and enjoyable for a community that accepts it as normal and healthy.

The DNC provided innumerable events to entertain delegates, non-delegates, protestors, and natives every day and evening, some late into the night.

Tonight, the DNC comes to a close and with it the excitement and attention it brought to the City of Philadelphia. We know our tourist industry will reap a boon from all this for quite a while.

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