OUR OPINION: Dems’ Downballot Heroes

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cartoonDemocrats who are looking for good news in the wake of the General Election may need to resort to a telescope. Hillary Clinton’s victory in the popular vote did little to advance their party’s fortunes at either the national or state levels.

One problem that has plagued the Democratic Party in recent years is a dearth of rising young talent. In that department, Pennsylvania could possibly be offering some hope, in the form of its three downballot statewide victors for attorney general, auditor general and treasurer. All three are young enough to have long careers ahead of them, yet old enough to have strong track records in diverse public service. All three have a reputation for competence and honesty.

Although only 43, Josh Shapiro has already been to Washington, where he served as an aide to several congressmen, including Montgomery County’s Joe Hoeffel. He held a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for seven years, active in leadership. He left to lead the historic Democratic takeover of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners in 2012.

Eugene DePasquale comes from Southwestern Pennsylvania but has settled in York County. He worked in municipal administration before winning a seat in the state House of Representatives. There, he moved to halt automatic pay increases for his colleagues and posted all his expenses online. In 2012 he was elected state auditor general. He is known for his initiatives in clean energy as well as clean government.

Joe Torsella comes from Northeastern Pennsylvania but came to Philadelphia as a University of Pennsylvania undergraduate. He started young as deputy mayor under Mayor Ed Rendell. His luminous résumé includes US representative to the United Nations, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center and chairman of the state Board of Education.

All three won tough statewide races this year – Torsella by a comfortable 370,000 votes – in a state where Democrats were generally punished at the polls. A lot of political eyes will be on these gentlemen in the next few years to come.

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