OUR OPINION: Activists, Come Home to Philadelphia

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Those who are going to Washington to show our next president their disapproval or to indicate their support for his new “revolution” will find Saturday morning you will again all be united by shared concerns our great and beloved city is going through a series of changes, some for the better, and others for the worse.

If we begin to list the good and the bad here, we would have to devote this entire issue to listing them and why we feel they belong on the plus or minus side of these changes.

But what must now dominate your thoughts is the coming D.A.’s race and its role in our quality of life. It is now in the headlines through missteps by District Attorney Seth Williams which have earned him a record fine by the Ethics Committee.

There is now a strong indication Williams will not be endorsed by the Democratic City Committee. This fact has opened the Democratic primary to a number of candidates, now five and maybe more by filing deadline. It has also emboldened the efforts of Beth Grossman, so far the only announced aspirant for the Republican primary for DA, who, according to our observations, already has the approval of the Philadelphia Republican Party leadership.

Add to that a host of those who intend to run for open slots in the Court of Common Pleas and the Municipal Court. They already number close to 30, including many who are already on the bench by appointment but now need to run in this election cycle to win a ten-year term.

We suggest travelers to D.C. return body and soul to political involvement here in Philadelphia, where your concerns may have some voice and your input as citizens is needed.

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