Judicial Ballot Positions Drawn; They’re Off and Running!

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The Pennsylvania Dept. of State drew ballot positions for Philadelphia County Common Pleas and Municipal Court candidates this morning.

There are 10 vacancies in Common Pleas Court. The ballot order among Democrats is:
1 Judge Stella Tsai
2 Vikki Kristiansson
3 Deborah Cianfrani
4 John Macoretta
5 Rania Major
6 Henry McGregor Sias
7 Lawrence J. Bozzelli
8 Judge Vincent Furlong
9 Brian McLaughlin
10 Shanese Johnson
11 Mark B. Cohen
12 Judge Daniel R. Sulman
13 Matthew C. Monroe
14 Leon Goodman
15 Deborah Canty
16 Dawn Tancredi
17 Joshua Roberts
18 Wendi Barish
19 Leonard Deutchman
20 Zac Shaffer
21 Jennifer Schultz
22 David S. Glanzberg
23 Judge Vincent Melchiorre
24 Betsy Wahl
25 Jon Marshall
26 Leanne L. Litwin
27 William J. Ciancaglini
28 James F. Berardinelli
29 Chris McCabe
30 James C. Crumlish
31 David Conroy
32 Marissa Brumbach
33 Carmella Jacquinto
34 Chris Hall
35 Matt Wolf
36 Henry Lewandowski III
37 Mark J. Moore
38 Sharon Piper
39 Danyl S. Patterson
40 Terri M. Booker
41 Gary Silver
42 Lucretia C. Clemons
43 Christian DiCicco
44 George Twardy
45 Crystal B. Powell
46 Bill Rice
47 Anthony Kyriakakis
48 Sherman Toppin

One Republican candidate submitted petitions. He is Judge Vincent Furlong.

There are three vacancies in Municipal Court. The ballot order among Democrats is:
1 Matt Wolf
2 Marissa Brumbach
3 Judge Daniel R. Sulman
4 Shanese Johnson
5 George Twardy
6 Lawrence J. Bozzelli
7 Betsy Wahl
8 Jon Marshall
9 Sherman Toppin
10 Carmella Jacquinto
11 William J. Ciancaglini
12 DLeanne L. Litwin
13 Rania Major
14 David S. Glanzberg
15 Vikki Kristiansson
16 Deborah Cianfrani
17 Anthony Kyriakakis
18 Matthew C. Monroe
19 Gary Silver
20 Christian DiCicco
21 Judge Vincent Melchiorre
22 Mark B. Cohen
23 Zac Shaffer
24 Bill Rice
25 Crystal B. Powell
26 David Conroy

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3 Responses to Judicial Ballot Positions Drawn; They’re Off and Running!

  1. This is COMPLETELY inaccurate. There are SIX municipal court vacancies and that is not the order for the ballot positions, not even close.

    David Parks
    March 18, 2017 at 12:48 pm

  2. The Municipal Court ballot order is incorrect. As I understand it, this last that Micah Mahjoubian posted on Facebook is correct:

    Philadelphia Municipal Court Ballot Position:
    1. Matt Wolf
    2. Marissa Brumbach
    3. Daniel Sulman
    4. Shanese Johnson
    5. George Twardy
    6. Lawrence Bozzelli
    7. Betsy Wahl
    8. Jon Marshall
    9. Sherman Toppin
    10. Carmella Jacquinto
    11. William Ciancaglini
    12. Leanne Litwin
    13. Rania Major
    14. David Glanzberg
    15. Vikki Kristiansson
    16. Deborah Cianfrani
    17. Anthony Kyriakakis
    18. Matthew Monroe
    19. Gary Silver
    20. Christian DiCicco
    21. Vincent Melchiorre
    22. Mark Cohen
    23. Zac Shaffer
    24. William Rice
    25. Crystal Powell
    26. David Conroy

    March 18, 2017 at 3:30 pm

  3. There are only three open positions in Municipal Court. However, the Dept. of State has sent out a revised list of Municipal Court which is radically different.

    This post has been updated to reflect the correct listings.

    March 20, 2017 at 8:48 am

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