EDITORIAL: Two New Faces Win the Day

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When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

We weren’t unanimous in our endorsement of Rich Negrín in the Democratic primary for district attorney. Nor were we enthusiastic about endorsing Alan Butkovitz for another term as city controller. But those were the choices we made.

And, as demonstrated by election results driven in no small part by an electorate uninterested in the recommendations and endorsements of the city’s political establishment and media, we missed the boat.

With her win, Democratic nominee Rebecca Rhynhart has the opportunity to make good on her campaign pledges to be a more aggressive, fearless financial watchdog who will make city government work better and more efficiently for Philadelphia citizens and businesses. We have no doubt that her background both in Wall Street and in the upper echelons of city government will serve her – and the city – well.

By nearly doubling the vote total of his next-closest opponent, former federal prosecutor Joe Khan, Krasner has as close to a mandate as one can get in a seven-way race resulting in a plurality.

We can only hope that he puts some of that political capital to work on improving the morale and atmosphere at the District Attorney’s Office. After being under a cloud of suspicion, allegations and indictments for so long, the 600 employees will need to not just hear about a new direction forward to regaining trust, but to see that plan put in effect. While his complete lack of prosecutorial experience and lack of managerial and leadership roles of any significance gave us pause during the campaign, we wish Krasner well and look forward to seeing how his progressive vision translates into action.

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