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NOT TOO LONG ago, you heard loud screaming from the GOP about the OBAMA DEFICIT (really a “Dubya” Bush deficit) and how terrible it was. GOP presidents in the past created deficits – but nothing was said of that. Now the “tax-cut” legislation will create TRILLIONS IN DEFICIT. Republican deficit. The bill is for the rich with Crumbs to SWEETEN it for the middle class. MAKE NO MISTAKE, the Mitch McConnell claim that the cuts will spur an economy is BLARNEY.

The loss of Secretary of State Rex TILLERSON will not be good. He was one of the few that had courage to drive his position with the president. He had guts to say when a policy was WRONG.

A newspaper published a map of Pennsylvania congressional districts. We all know that the 7th, occupied by Congressman Pat MEEHAN, seems drawn by child scribble, but the 6th, 10th, 11th, 15th and 18th are from the same coloring book! They are occupied by Messrs. COSTELLO, MARINO, BARLETTA, DENT, and MURPHY – all Republicans.

Congressman Bob BRADY has an opponent from the Mayor’s Office. This is the second candidate from Room 215 – the first being the City Controller-elect. The REAL STORY is: What does Kenney think? The candidate is from a small, but growing, group of Philadelphians in the Afro-Carib-Asia areas, and the mayor is reaching out to them.

MEEK MILL has the support of JAY Z and the SIXERS players – more WEALTHY MEN. A Mill lawyer said that he had never seen a judge disregard the advice of a probation officer or DA. Well, I HAVE SEEN IT. I did not know that judges MUST IMPLEMENT ALL recommendations.

L-R WERE Congressman Charlie Dent, Controller-elect Rebecca Rhynhart and Penn’s Jeff Cooper.

THERE HE GOES AGAIN: Ed Rendell will support FETTERMAN for lieutenant governor. The revelation came out of the Pennsylvania Society weekend. I joined the Pennsylvania Society a few decades ago, and my memory is that there is a RENDELLIAN BLURB coming out of each year. Rendell is “retired.” It is a tough time when you feel that you have more to give.

And STAND BY for the ANNUAL news stories of how the Pennsylvania Society should move to Pennsylvania. EVERY YEAR it fills column inches of newspapers. To the writers, I say: Do your RESEARCH. The SOCIETY was begun by Pennsylvania expats living and working in New York – out of LOVE for our state, and to HONOR our state the best way – from afar. The Pennsylvania Society meets IN PENNSYLVANIA each year – in a different Pennsylvania city. PUT THAT in your news article!

I read where Vince FUMO wants to become a major player in local politics again. Good. Sen. CIANFRANI did it. As a senator, FUMO brought BILLIONS of dollars to help our city – and he kept our electric bills the same for a DECADE. His detractors NEVER complained about that.

A comment piece mentioned that John DOUGHERTY, Local 98 leader, had leased an aircraft to buzz the Amazon National Offices with a “Select Philly” banner. The article read, “typical Doc stuff.” What does that mean? It does not read like reporting to me; more like CHATTER at a WINE and CHEESE party. Since reporters are NOT EXEMPT from community service, what have the writers done to encourage Amazon?

Then the article mentioned that Vince FUMO and Joey MERLINO were in Chickie & Pete’s at the same time. Included was the line: South Philly being South Philly (?). Is this a zap at a whole region of readers and patrons of advertisers of that paper? Or more wine-and-cheese talk – MINUS THE CHEESE?

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