Krasner Touts Homicide Convictions

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Today, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office announced that since DA Larry Krasner took office in January of 2018, its Homicide Unit has successfully secured 70 guilty verdicts and guilty pleas. The unit is led by ADA Anthony Voci, a former homicide prosecutor recruited to come back to the office at the start of the Krasner administration.

Of the 85 cases the unit has taken to court in 2018, only 12 have resulted in a hung jury or a not-guilty verdict. DA Larry Krasner continues to push for sweeping criminal-justice reform while also efficiently prosecuting serious violent crimes, his spokesman asserted.

Type of Case Total %
Guilty Verdict 27 31.7
Guilty Plea 43 50.5
Hung/Not Guilty Verdict 12 14.1
Nolle Pros (Charges dropped) 1 0.1
Pending 2 0.2
Total Cases 85

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One Response to Krasner Touts Homicide Convictions

  1. What about violent crime in general? And how many of the folks he let out of prison have reoffended? Also, has the appearance rate at hearings dropped precipitously now that there is no cash bail requirement? Check back later.

    Most importantly, let’s make sure to maintain our consent decree with the ACLU wherein we agree to make sure the demographics of police stops in North, West and Southwest Philly neatly match those of the US as a whole because it’s racist otherwise.

    LMFAO, our first Marxist DA, brought to you with $2 million of George Soros’ money.

    Bob Crapster
    June 4, 2018 at 3:13 pm

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