Brady Bunch a Success

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HAVING Democratic Party Chairman Bob Brady’s back at the Brady Bunch Beach Bash were, L-R, state rep nominees Danilo Burgos and Malcolm Kenyatta, Sheriff Jewell Williams, PHA Resident Advocate Asia Coney, congressional aide Donald “Ducky” Birts and Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Danny Grace. Photos by Wendell Douglas

“LIVES” of the party: L-R, Ducky Birts, Corinthia Johnson and Sheriff Jewell Williams shared in camaraderie. Photo by Wendell Douglas

ENJOYING a summer afternoon at the shore were, L-R, senatorial aide Jim Harrity, 58th Ward activist Skip Montell, host Congressman Bob Brady and Ward Leader Jim Donnelly.

John Sabatina, leader of the 56th Ward Northeast Group, gets ready to host a post-Brady Bunch
Party. He is advised by the legendary Duckie Birts.

Sheriff Jewell Williams (2nd from left) joined attendees at the Brady Bunch Party in North Wildwood. Included are Senate Aide Henry Hunter; Ken Washington, Recording Secretary of the Philly AFL-CIO; and Chris Johnson, candidate for Attorney General of Delaware

State Rep. Bill Keller greets revelers Billy Hurt and Mike and Dan Sullivan of the Operating Engineers Union

RETIRED judges Eugene Maier and Fae Stack enjoy the company of Lana Maier and Fae’s niece. Judge Maier now chairs the Board of Revision of Taxes, and Stack is in private law practice. Photo by Joe Stivala

SHARING in partisan summer fun were, L-R, congressional aide Ducky Birts and housing advocate Asia Coney together with Janet & Ken Washington. Photo by Wendell Douglas

SHOWING a flair for style were, L-R, attorney Carmella Jacquinto, State Rep. Morgan Cephas, City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart and South Philly activist Marisa Piccarreto.

CITY COMMISSION Chairwoman Lisa Deeley posed with the team from Laborers’ Local 332.

L-R WERE State Sen. John Sabatina, Jr., Mike Moody, Carla Moss and Ward Leader Bill Dolbow.

L-R WERE Congressman Bob Brady’s effervescent assistant Ducky Birts, Brady, AFL-CIO political maven Ken Washington and 1st Deputy City Controller Kellann White.

ENJOYING the Brady Bunch’s new location at Flip Flopz in N. Wildwood were, L-R, Mike McCoy, NUHHCE District 1199C President Henry Nicholas and District Attorney Larry Krasner.

CONVENING at Flip Flopz in N. Wildwood, the Brady Bunch Beach Bash drew an impressive crowd to celebrate the outcome of the spring primary election. L-R here were State Rep. Bill Keller, Irish American Activist Mary Frances Fogg, Congressman Bob Brady and Teamsters leader Danny Grace. Photo by Wendell Douglas

SISTERS in Democratic Party unity were, L-R, Phyllis Gibson with Councilwomen Jannie Blackwell and Cindy Bass.

L-R WERE Ducky Birts, attorney Rania Major, Sheriff Jewell Williams and activist Sherrie Cohen. Photo by Wendell Douglas

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