Kozlowski down by the River

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WELL OVER 200 people came to the best kept secret in the River Wards, the Bridesburg Outboard Club to show their support for Republican state rep candidate Patty-Pat Kozlowski as she seeks the 177th seat. Republican City Committee Chairman Mike Meehan and several ward leaders attended the event, but the crowd was River Wards homegrown and had as many donkeys as well as elephants in the crowd, showing Kozlowski’s cross-party appeal and reputation in the district.

KOZLOWSKI cooked Italian and Polish foods for the crowd, serving garlicky roast pork and spinach and kielbasi and sauerkraut as the crowd enjoyed the man of a thousand voices, comedian and sports radio personality Joe Conklin, as entertainment.

THE INFAMOUS Department of Recreation Women’s Volleyball Team from Byrne’s Tavern: L-R, Sue Hala, Linda Jaskowiak, Barb McCabe and Patty-Pat Kozlowski.

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