Sabir Announces for Philadelphia City Commssioner

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Omar Sabir has announced his candidacy for the office of Philadelphia City Commissioner. He is a lifelong Philadelphian with more than 20 years of service as a community leader and neighborhood advocate. His campaign will focus on ensuring equal voter access and full participation in the Democratic process.

“I recognized at an early age that voter access and participation are vital to ensuring systemic change,” said Sabir. “Ensuring that all communities and stakeholders have equal access to the institutions of voting should be a fundamental focus and my candidacy will be based upon achieving that goal. In our representative system of government, our vote is our voice. My candidacy will center on ensuring that all communities – especially those who have been historically marginalized – will have their voices heard.”

Sabir’s focus on voter empowerment began during his time at Cheyney University. From there, he continued to participate in GOTV initiatives and founded a nonprofit, nonpartisan voting organization – “Vote Philly Vote” – that focused on voter turnout throughout the Commonwealth. The organization has registered over 5,000 Pennsylvanians to date.

Sabir’s strong voter-outreach efforts were evident in his 2013 primary victory for Traffic Court judge.

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