Evans: Federal Spending Bill Benefits Philadelphia

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Congressman Dwight Evans (D-Phila.) said the new, bipartisan spending bill he voted for last week will have several benefits for Philadelphia.

“Under divided government, we won’t get a perfect spending bill. However, in addition to preventing another government shutdown, there’s a lot of good news for Philadelphia in the new federal budget bill,” Evans said.

Evans said Philadelphia benefits from several programs that are funded in the bill. “The Trump administration had tried to cut a quarter of the entire Housing and Urban Development budget, but the new spending bill rejects those cuts and instead provides a slight increase. This is important because Philadelphia uses HUD funding for affordable housing, housing for formerly homeless people, and maintenance and improvements to our commercial corridors. All of these programs are important in reducing poverty.”

According to the City, Philadelphia’s HUD-funded programs in fiscal year 2017 included:
• $118 million that helped the Philadelphia Housing Authority provide its housing in 14,000 units for 28,670 people, including families, seniors, and people with disabilities.
• $41 million in HUD funding that PHA used to maintain and improve 57 public housing developments.
• PHA’s Housing Choice Voucher program provided rental subsidies for about 19,000 families.
• $3.5 million in Emergency Solutions Grants provide emergency shelter, homeless prevention services and rental assistance to an average of more than 2,000 Philadelphians each year. Rapid re-housing is a program that provides financial assistance for private market rents and move-in costs, along with services focused on maintaining housing. City officials said it is more than 93% effective in ending homelessness.

Evans said the new bill provides $3.4 billion for Community Development Block Grants, rejecting the proposed elimination of that program. In Philadelphia, CDBG money benefited residents in several ways in fiscal year 2017, including:
• The Housing Counseling & Foreclosure Prevention program provides credit repair, pre-purchase, and other home financial counseling. This program has saved more than 11,000 Philadelphia homes from foreclosure since 2008, and $5.1 million in CDBG funding in fiscal year 2017 supported counseling to another 10,000 residents.
• $4 million in CDBG funds were provided as loans and grants in 2017 to nonprofits developing key properties for commercial, cultural, or mixed-use end-users.
• Loans and technical assistance to small businesses. CDBG money funded technical assistance to 896 small business owners, and allowed four Community Development Financial Institutions to administer 269 loans with non-CDBG funds, totaling $7.6 million to small businesses to help them grow.

“There’s a lot in the new budget bill that’s good for Philadelphia, and these funds aren’t part of the money President Trump is trying to manipulate with his ridiculous ‘emergency’ declaration. I oppose that fake emergency and I’m confident the courts will overturn it,” Evans said.

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One Response to Evans: Federal Spending Bill Benefits Philadelphia

  1. You are increasing taxes for working folks. Take $2 in taxes from the community and give back $1 along with hours of paperwork. What are you doing to make life simpler for ordinary people?

    paul hoyer
    February 23, 2019 at 4:02 pm

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