PHA’s Crackdown on Illegal Dumping Nets First Arrest in Sharswood

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PHA is intervening to curb illegal dumping in the Sharswood neighborhood around its headquarters

Frustrated by people dumping large loads of trash in empty lots in Sharswood, the Philadelphia Housing Authority announced recently that it would work with Philadelphia police to arrest and prosecute illegal dumpers. Today, PHA announced the first arrests and charges in the campaign.

Parris Griffin of South Conestoga Street and Shakeil Calwise of North Newkirk Street have been charged with short-dumping after they were observed by PHA police dumping large bags of wood strips from their pickup truck on Lambert Street in Sharswood.

“I don’t know why some people feel it is their right to dump trash into lots and along sidewalks in Sharswood,” said PHA President and CEO Kelvin Jeremiah. “This neighborhood had been down for a very long time but we and our partners are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into transforming the area. We want to send a clear message to dumpers that their activity will not be tolerated by us or, more importantly, residents in this community.”

Construction activity by both PHA and private developers has become commonplace in Sharswood, producing large amounts of byproducts that are supposed to be discarded in the appropriate manner at dump sites.

PHA’s new headquarters building in Sharswood is blocks away from where this latest illegal dumping took place. The agency has set up surveillance cameras throughout the neighborhood to watch for this kind of activity and asked members of the community to report dumping when they see it. Citizens can call PHA police at (215) 684-1911 or the city at 311.

Griffin and Calwise were charged and released pending their hearings, which will be scheduled at some point in the future.

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