Academy Ball Enlists Elite Music-Lovers

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CACKIE ROGERS, extreme R, chairwoman, Academy of Music Board of Trustees, welcomed, L-R, Garry & Missy Parkin and Roi Lerman and Alison Avery to the Academy of Music Concert & Ball.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
DR. STEFANIE PORGAS and her husband Gerald Lawrence are greeted by Leslie Anne Miller, Esq.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
MICAELA & JIM Brandau, Co-chairman of the Concert & Ball, welcomed their New York friend Kathryn Tyre. Photo by Bonnie Squires
ALISON YOUNG & David Maser joined neighbors Ben & Danielle Persofsky at the reception. Photo by Bonnie Squires
LARRY DUBINSKI, CEO of the Franklin Institute, & his wife Vicky are long-time supporters of the Academy of Music and The Philadelphia Orchestra.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT Dr. William Hite & his wife Deirdre enjoyed seeing a dozen talented public-school musicians perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the 163rd Concert & Ball.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
L-R, JAN SLUSSER and Tiffany Taverez, of Wells Fargo, with Rev. Bonnie Camarda of the Salvation Army, Eric Gutshall and Tanya Derksen.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
ROBERTA & CARL Dranoff welcomed Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet Shelly Power to the Academy of Music.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
JOHN FRY, president of Drexel University, his wife Cara, with Kathy & Tom Leonard. Photo by Bonnie Squires
TERRY & AMY Buckman at the Chairman’s Reception with Inquirer editor Gabriel Escobar and his wife Louisa Shepard.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
DR. CALVIN JOHNSON and his fiancee Allison Green were looking forward to their wedding, one week after the Academy Ball. Photo by Bonnie Squires
ANNE HAMILTON, honorary co-chairman of the Academy Concert & Ball, was grateful for support of volunteers like Nicole Allen White, the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s director of government affairs.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
KEN DAVIS, of Duane Morris, and his wife Nancy.
Photo by Bonnie Squires
PUBLIC RECORD CONTRIBUTING editor Bonnie Squires caught up with Congresswoman Madeleine Dean at the Bellevue. Photo by Susan Scovill

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