Working Families Party Money, Part 2: Nicholas O’Rourke

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NICHOLAS O’ROURKE with his Working Families Party running mate, now Councilmember Kendra Brooks, R, and Councilmember Helen Gym.

Friends of O’Rourke, the campaign finance arm of the campaign of Nicholas O’Rourke, filed for the first time in 2019 Cycle 4. The campaign began with $0.00 in the bank – just like Kendra Brooks’ campaign.

Between Jan. 1, 2019 and Sept. 16, 2019, the campaign raised $88,454.89. Contributions of $50.00 or less totaled $5,892.00. These contributions are not itemized. Contributions from individuals totaling $50.01 to $250.00 totaled $17,778.00. Contributions above $250.00 from individuals were $17,145.00. The campaign also received $47,639.89 from political committees, or PACs.

PAC contributions were as follows: $10,000.00 from 215 People Alliance, $10,500.00 from Local 32Bj Pa American Dream in New York, NY, $5,000.00 from PASNAP, $339.89 from People for Tanya Bah, $5,000.00 from Reclaim Philadelphia and $16,800.00 from Working Families Party National PAC in Brooklyn, N.Y. Individual contributions in the upper category included an impressive assortment of donations from $250.00 to a $1,500.00 contribution from an individual contributor.

In-kind donations of $1,940.00 included an assortment of event costs, and $1,520.00 to PA Working Families Party for legal services.

On the expenditure side, many of the payments were for payroll expense. Several individuals listed as receiving payroll funds were also mentioned as expenditures. They also include a contribution to Friends of Kendra Brooks for $1,929.00. The committee ended the period with $73,721.62 in the bank.

The committee opened with the same $73,721.62 in the bank in 2019 cycle 5. Contributions were $47,022.00. $4,819.00 came from contributions of $50.00 or less. Individual contributions between $50.01 and $250.00 totaled $13,253.00. Individual contributions for the period were $15,700.00. Total PAC contributions were $13,250.00.

Individual contributions in the upper category again included an impressive array of amounts from $300.00 to $5,800.00 from a donor in San Diego, CA. PAC donations included Faculty Federation of the Community College of Philadelphia for $250.00, Pennsylvania SEIU COPE in Harrisburg for $10,000.00, SEIU Healthcare in Philadelphia for $2,500.00, and Temple Assoc of University Professionals for $500.00.

In kind contributions included several from Friends of Kendra Brooks for outreach. Friends of Kendra Brooks is also listed as donating $950.00 for “Rent (Action United).” PA Working Families Party donated several thousand dollars for video production, and contributions of $1,240.00 and $3,040.00 for legal services. Reclaim Philadelphia PAC donated $6,130.54 for organizing labor.

Expenditures included several to the same set of individuals who were also working for Kendra Brooks’ campaign. Red Horse Strategies, which received funds from both Friends of Kendra Brooks and Local 32BJ PA American Dream Fund in 2019, was paid $5,450.00 for communications. The committee ended the period with $97,402.51 in the bank.

Unfortunately, an error of some sort seems to have occurred during the creation of the 2019 cycle 6 report for the campaign. Until this issue has been corrected, we will wait to hear more. Stay tuned.

David Lynn is an independent political analyst in Philadelphia. He provides free campaign-management software at and writes at

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