How Reynolds Brown Spent Down Her Funds

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COUNCILWOMAN Blondell reynolds Brown wrapped up her career as an elected official with a hefty surplus in her campaign fund. Here is how she wound it down.

If you had $80,000+ to spend, how would you spend it?

This was the problem (if it was a problem) for retiring City Councilmember Blondell Reynolds-Brown (at Large). While some politicians who retire from public office keep their political committees open while holding events and contributing to others, some spend down to nothing, and end them. The latter option was apparently the choice Reynolds-Brown chose.

Friends of Blondell Reynolds Brown started 2019 with $80,058.62. Today, we explore how she spent her remaining funds before closing her committee.

Reynolds-Brown received no contributions in 2019 Cycle 1. She gave to several ward committees and spent $356.40 at AAA Sunflower Florists. She appears to have reimbursed herself a total of $778.51.

She spent a total of $1,358.00 on three transactions related to her Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., gave $250.00 to Friends of Darrell Clarke and $1,000.00 to Friends of Maria (Maria Quiñones-Sánchez.) She also gave $11,900 to Vote For Kathy (Katherine Gilmore Richardson) and $85.00 to Williams for Senate. The committee made several expenditures to Saint Bernard Group, LLC for consulting related expenditures, and spotted $1,113.92 for an event at The Palm Restaurant. Finally, we note that the committee also spent $1,425.60 for printing.

Total spending for 2019 Cycle 1 was $25,373.16, and the final total left to spend was $54,685.46. The committee listed no debt, and no in-kind contributions.

2019 Cycle 2 saw one contribution to the committee for a total of $250.00. Available funds were $54,935.46 and the committee spent $13,204.28. Political contributions included $300.00 to Democratic Committee of Philadelphia, $500.00 to Kenney for Mayor, $200.00 to She Can Win, $500.00 to The Green Fund and two more transactions totaling $9,600.00 to Vote For Kathy. We also note $200.00 for Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter DST (Delta Sigma Theta?) and $1,500.00 to Laborers’ Local 332 for Event Space Rental. She hired a DJ for $100.00.

2019 Cycle 2 ended with $41,731.18 in the bank. Again, the committee listed no debt and no in-kind contributions.

2019 Cycle 3 saw spending of only $3,619.02. Reynolds Brown was reimbursed $373.02 for parking and meals. Contributions to political groups included $75.00 to Citizens for Tammi Forbes and $2,000 to The Green Fund. Saint Bernard Group, LLC was paid an additional $818.00 for consulting related services. The committee ended the period with $38,112.16 in the bank – almost half of the total at the beginning of the year, with no in-kind contributions and no debt.

2019 Cycle 7 was the last report filed by Friends of Blondell Reynolds Brown. The committee was terminated, and the ending balance was $0.00. Expenses included more flowers – four transactions totaling $801.96 to AAA Sunflower Florists. Meeting expenses included $13.20 for Ashton Cigar Bar, three meetings at B2 Bluefin for a total of $125.11, Del Frisco’s Grille for $74.00, Iron Hill Brewery for $87.12, $21.21 at McCormick & Schmick’s Restaurant, four transactions at Spice 28 for $71.02 and $17.00 at Standing O Restaurant.

PhilaDanco related expenses were $233.50 for tickets to a PhilaDanco show at Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, $97.30 to Tickety Philadelphia for more tickets, and a contribution to the organization for $1,000.00.

In addition, the committee spent $122.00 on Amtrak, made another contribution to Citizens for Tammi Forbes for $75.00, and gave $300.00 to Della Volle for NJ Assembly.

There was an entry for the City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics for $30,742.23 as a journal entry to reconcile accounts. This is most likely related to her record Ethics Board fine of $48,834 in 2013. Replica Creative was paid $1,000 in three separate transactions for graphic design services, and there was one more transaction to Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. for $390.00.

On Dec. 31, 2019, the committee terminated with a balance of $0.00, no debt, and no in-kind contributions.

David Lynn is an independent political analyst and occasional creator of delicious baked goods. His occasional blog can be found at, and he has created free software to run political campaigns at

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