Walking the Beat Apr. 16, 2020

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JOE ZAZYCHNY, a legendary public servant in Philadelphia, has passed.

CORONA: We are all weary of sad headlines each day, so the “curve” flattening is some solace. We really cannot know where we are until more WIDESPREAD TESTING is undertaken. The arranging of a treatment facility in the Liacouras Center and securing use of Domino Lane Warehouse shows a PROACTIVE City of Philadelphia government – needed in the face of no national direction. We need to build supply of masks, gloves and respirators during an anticipated pause of infection in the warm weather. The 1918 pandemic came in THREE waves and petered out is early 1919. And PRAY for a vaccine. Brace for the future; the current antibiotics have had a run of 40+ years – long enough for resistance to them to build and NEW STRAINS to evolve.

A gathering momentum is seen on Facebook for forgiveness of all student loans for nurses and likely to expand to others. Dr. David TAYOUN TRUSCELLO is a leading advocate.

It took a virus for prison release of worthy persons who could not afford low bail. I have long advocated that the small bails be paid by Meek MILL and his reform movement.

NORTHEAST PHILLY civic and Ward Leader John DelRICCI, in an encore from Christmas, drove his truck up all Northeast streets with the EASTER BUNNY waving to kids!

Sad loss: Joe ZAZYCZNY passed away. A former City councilman, he rose to Secretary of Administration under Gov. Bob Casey. A man of the highest moral standards. My many experiences with Joe are fond memories.

Annoying during these times was a newspaper column mentioning the SHERIFF’S Office as a “RELIC.” I caution all who are “without sin” to look in the mirror before casting that stone…. Caution to the writer who questioned if Mayor Kenney is capable of dealing with the virus. The writer stated that Kenney was mentored under State Sen. Vince FUMO. This attempt to “juice up” the article is really kvetch REPORTING. The writer should leave his face mask on – but remove sunglasses…. I had a dream that antibodies from FUMO saved us, and that the media did not how to report the story and how to thank Vince.

Chuck PERUTO as a possible D.A. candidate is still heard even in these times. Popular political consultant Joe RUSSO has gotten calls asking his opinion!

Capt. Brett CROZIER, skipper (now relieved) of the Aircraft Carrier Theodore ROOSEVELT, had to have made many attempts to help his crew – and became frustrated enough to write a letter. In doing so, he gave up a shot at becoming REAR ADMIRAL. Now the Chief of Naval Operations talks of taking him back. Hmm. His career was DESTROYED. You won’t promote him; it would take courage to do it.

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