Quit Complaining About the Vote – Just Show up and Pitch in

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I’ve been a Democratic ward leader since 2009 and each election, both primary and general, I would work with the Republican ward leader (3 during my time) and we would fill the election boards with inside workers.

The Republican ward leader resigned last year and there hasn’t been an appointment yet (well over six months) and this election I have not heard from anyone in the GOP to help fill these spots. Yet I have heard from many on how they feel Biden is senile or they tell me what Trump meant when he said something or they’ve posted idiotic things like if you can stand in line at Walmart you can go vote, (guess what: you can now vote from home and buy things from Walmart at home; worry about yourself and not what others do or don’t do).

On Tuesday, June 2, remember when you go to vote, if you did not vote by mail, WEAR A MASK. Those people inside are getting paid peanuts to make sure you can vote when you could have mailed in a ballot. There will be lines and there will be a wait because we are in the middle of a pandemic-DO NOT TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS OUT AT THE PERSON INSIDE THE POLLS.

If you don’t like it, volunteer your time like those people do that are making sure you can vote; and even though we have no Republican ward leader, I will be happy to make sure you can volunteer, whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

I’d like to thank City Commissioner Lisa Marie Deeley and her staff for working their asses off in the middle of a pandemic to make sure you can vote either by mail or at the polls (also don’t forget the Republican state house and senate passed the bill to allow people to vote by mail in Pennsylvania last year, so no it’s not a Democratic scheme).

Will this election be perfect? Maybe or maybe not but do yourself a favor before you blast someone who is volunteering, maybe thank them and think about volunteering in November.

Pat Parkinson is the Democratic 57th Ward Leader in Philadelphia.

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