Fumo Blasts Kenney over Law and Order

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FORMER State Sen. Vincent Fumo

Former State Sen. Vincent Fumo has escalated his online criticism of Mayor Jim Kenney.

Since the one-time political superstar was released from prison in 2013, Fumo has led a fairly low-key life, going out socially while shunning controversy. But the eruption of civil disorder surrounding the first protests against the killing of George Floyd, which started May 31 in Philadelphia, struck a nerve with Fumo. He has frequently belabored Kenney on Facebook over the mayor’s responses to the ensuing street confrontations.

Kenney began his political career as a protégé of the senator, both of them natives of South Philadelphia. But their relationship soured when Fumo went to prison.

In a series of social-media blasts, Fumo has taken an increasingly law-and-order response to the mayor’s leniency toward people arrested during the civil unrest.

In so doing, according to the criminal lawyers Melbourne firm, he is not the only voice to charge that the mayor has forsaken his blue-collar South Philly roots.

One of Fumo’s latest Facebook posts takes this charge to a new level, one rare even in that arena’s often-heated political exchanges:

“Jimmy, I am flabbergasted at the latest insult you have hurled upon EVERY law-abiding taxpaying Citizen of Philadelphia. You are a disgrace to your office. And more importantly, you are a disgrace to the memory of your deceased father.

“For those people reading this, who may not know, Jimmy’s dad was a terrific guy and a very proud Philadelphia Fireman. He risked his life daily to protect all of us. And now you, you clown, have released 750 people (and I use the term people loosely) who came to our city from parts unknown, to wreak havoc on our populace.

“You have enabled them, and now others, to do again what they did just a few short weeks ago when they were part of an anachronistic [sic] mob, that hid beneath the banner of Black Lives Matter, and stole from our stores, not just in Center City, but in our neighborhoods as well. You allowed them to terroristically threaten our people, loot our stores and burn them to the ground. By this absolutely moronic move, of pardoning every one of them, you have now empowered every individual from anywhere in the world, that decides to trash us, to do so with absolute immunity and impunity. You might as well repeal the entire civil city code and let lawlessness prevail for everyone. Why should regular Philadelphians be forced to pay fines while the scum of the earth, do not?

“You took a bunch of wiseass college kids, who had nothing better to do, and told them to “walk right in” and destroy our city!!! And as to tossing the ball to Krasner on the criminal side, he is another do-nothing “Progressive” incompetent Communist and equally moronic clown. He will now have a blast, and use you as the example, throwing out all of the remaining criminal charges against the rest of the criminals.

“You should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty, cowardice and criminal conspiracy. You have now declared Philadelphia not only a sanctuary city but a lawless city, where anything goes. Your declaration is further enhanced by the fact that YOU are responsible for a 40% INCREASE in our murder rate. Just about daily now, when each child is KILLED, instead of offering your meaningless “condolences” and your campaign speech against the Second Amendment and the State Legislature, here is a new idea. I want you to go and visit EVERY family of every victim and look the relatives, especially the mothers, of those victims, straight in the eye and apologize for allowing lawlessness to run rampant in Philadelphia. You are now encouraging crimes to be committed here.

“I remember back when you supported vociferously the broken window theory of minor crime. That’s back when we had Police Commissioner John Timoney to “guide” you to do the right thing. He was no wuss. God rest his soul. You have now set a new standard for other extreme liberal elected officials to follow. Albeit, with a bar lower than the ground. The next time a child is murdered on the streets of Philadelphia, know deep down, in your quest to be the most Politically Correct Mayor in the World, you caused that death.

“You are beginning to cause the one asset that many Philadelphians, other than you, have, to decrease in value by the mass exodus of good people who are now leaving the city in search of safety. Their homes are worth far less today than they were yesterday. And those real estate values will continue to plummet until we reach the bottom of that barrel like Detroit did.

“But honestly, you do NOT care about that one bit. Why? Because you … do not own a home in Philadelphia. And to add insult to injury, while we fear for our lives and our property and our very beings, you are ensconced in your cozy apartment, where you are free of fear since you … have 24/7/365 police protection anywhere in America that you want to go. And we as taxpaying dummies have to pay for that too….

“And what about the morale of our Policemen and women. Those people are human beings. They actually risked their very lives on the front lines, arresting these dangerous people. And you, simply by fiat, and simply because you think it will help you politically, tell them all to go pound sand. Everyone they risked their lives to arrest, will now go free. My God Jimmy, what about their families. Their wives and kids? Don’t you feel you owe them an apology? Their loved ones did their jobs, and risked their lives, only to have you undercut and insult their efforts.

“You have NO concept of what being a Mayor is all about! You were OK when it came to cutting ribbons…. However, when something big hits, you folded like a cheap suit and ran the other way. Thus, leaving our policemen and women on the front lines to deal with these violent and dangerous criminals, alone. You are a deserter! In wartime, you would have been shot for doing that. Where were you those nights that those kids were rioting? You certainly weren’t on the front lines. You were holed up in your bunker at 3rd and Spring Garden, out of fear, with even more police protections.

“Jim, it is time for you to go. Time for you to right that was wronged when you lied to the people and got elected. Time for you to resign in disgrace! If for nothing else, than for the safety of the city and the peace of mind of those who live and love it.

“And lastly, when I speak these words, they are for the good, law abiding, rowhouse people throughout the city who, until now, have not had a voice.



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