Philly Pro’s Book Dishes on Our Political Battles

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Philadelphia Battlefields (Temple University Press, 294 pages)
John Kromer’s book, Philadelphia Battlefields, is a must read for anyone who enjoys the history of Philadelphia politics, and/or wants to understand why some campaigns win, and some do not.

The book is a very fast read, and has something for everyone. Data junkies will be thrilled by the number of tables, charts, exhibits, and maps Kromer provides (one of which I contributed.) Students of history will be delighted with the often-colorful anecdotes Kromer relates about Philadelphia politics, including the infamous quote for then-Congressman Michael “Ozzy” Myers: “…. money talks in this business and bull____ walks!” Embedded in these stories are a number of words of wisdom that candidates for office sometimes ignore, often at their peril.

Of particular value is the analysis of political upsets. Kromer points out several common characteristics that come into play when an unknown candidate beats a well-funded opponent, especially an incumbent. After reading Kromer’s book, electoral upsets no longer seem surprising, and this makes the book required reading for anyone wishing to take on the political establishment.

Also of interest is his detailed look at groups such as Americans for Democratic Action (ADA.) He relates in logical fashion how ADA used to book hotel ballrooms for their meetings, but now they are so small they meet at coffee shops.

Kromer, a former CIty housing director and candidate for sheriff in 2011, has an almost encyclopedic grasp of the nature of Philadelphia’s Democratic Party, and how different wards operate in various sections of the city. If the book has a drawback, it is that Kromer did not include examples of Republican underdogs, such as Councilman David Oh (at large) and Commissioner Al Schmidt who have beaten Philadelphia Republican City Committee to obtain elected office.

The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a number of other booksellers.

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