Domb Decries Failure to Stem Looting

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WIDESPREAD looting and destruction of shops ravaged parts of Port Richmond and other parts of Philadelphia today far removed from W. Philadelphia, where police shot a mentally ill man two days ago.

Councilmember Allan Domb (at large) released the following statement on Facebook today on the unstemmed looting in many commercial corridors around the city yesterday:

“Some additional pictures of stores I visited along Aramingo Avenue. The damage was substantial. This is unacceptable.

“The number one issue today is safety of all of our residents and businesses in every community of our city.

“Last night on Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond I witnessed U-Haul trucks being loaded with stolen goods, people pushing shopping carts with stolen goods, and many cars canvassing to take advantage of opportunities to steal.

“We did not have the manpower of law enforcement to take control.

“We should have had the National Guard deployed. Hopefully today we will.”

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