WALKING THE BEAT: Whose Boats Are These, Really?

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KENTUCKY Attorney General Daniel Cameron presided over the grand jury that investigated Breonna Taylor’s slaying by Louisville police officers.

The Trump WEEKEND BOAT PARADES on the Delaware River seem to convey to those of us on the shore a message of arrogance: We are better than you – and rich. Actually, they are not huge cabin cruisers, but the boats of the NEW RICH. Many OF NEW WEALTH work hard at forgetting their roots. In addition, as the weather cools, it becomes evident that their proclaimed loyalty to one another starts to wane and they are fewer and fewer. Alas, SUNSHINE PATRIOTS AND FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS.

The Local 22 Firefighters “endorsement” of Trump was to be presented to Trump in a Philly visit. The Local leaders dare not do it now since a large group of 22 members will protest and show it as a HOLLOW backing.

The Breonna Taylor grand jury had a Republican prosecutor direct it. A GRAND JURY has no defense lawyer, and almost always recommends prosecution. In the Taylor matter, it did not. Hmmm. The release of that grand jury presentment was done while the city was still tense, and further inflamed matters. Is it not about time for prosecutors to be SENSITIVE to release time? Are grand juries as obsolete as the Electoral College?

What of the ELECTORAL COLLEGE? People call for its elimination and then lose interest after election day for another four years. Who are the Pennsylvania electors and how are they chosen? If Pennsylvania wins for BIDEN and the Electors vote Trump – the issue will not fade after election day.

DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE persons need to know that with the advent of the mail ballot, campaigning in their divisions starts seven weeks before elections – not seven days.

ICE is placing billboards in Philly; they say to educate the public on sanctuary issues. This assumes that they are the APEX of knowledge on this issue. Stop wasting taxpayer money on a silly project. We do not want your “teachings.”

A Nun at a CATHOLIC Trump rally said that Trump has been protected from COVID ravages. Huh? GOD DOES NOT TAKE SIDES.in politics. The nun should not assume as to what God is thinking.

Congrats to great city folk: Joe BROOKS for 11 teaching years at Temple. Joe SLOBODZIAN for 15 years at Temple. Pat BIANCIULLI for 28 years at Bianciulli Law. Chris PHILLIPS for 15 years at Penn Vet! Natashia TAYLOR for three years at the federal Defender office. DJ HYDE after 19 years at DJ Hyde Wrestling. John McGRATH with 14 years at INSTALL. Kimberly MALATRATT completed seven years at KDM Marketing!

POSTMASTER General Louis DeJoy does that realize that the rules changes that slow mail, and disassembled sorting machines HURT Republicans too with delayed mail delivery. To me, such actions are TREASON. Thanks to State Attorney General Josh SHAPIRO for his lawsuits against DeJoy’s mean moves.

Councilman Mark SQUILLA hit the nail on the head when he noted that police need to practice “consistent enforcement” on dangerous ATV activity on our streets. DO SOMETHING!

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