Walking the Beat, 1/24/2021

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HESSIAN Lt. Johann Von Ewald

ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE. President BIDEN has the potential to be another Lyndon JOHNSON (minus Vietnam). His long-time working relationship with GOP lawmakers and middle-of-the-road positions make compromise possible to accomplish much.

Many attackers of our Capitol were fed that they were in a revolution. In 1776, Hessian Lt. Johann Von EWALD was told that the Brits would win by Royalist New Jersey Gov. Franklin. Von Ewald disagreed, saying of Americans: “They fight with no shoes.” Revolutions are not won easily and without great cost. Jan. 6 – a DAY OF INFAMY – was the first “revolution” by charter bus with beer kegs and Dunkin Donuts.

I read an article in a Philly newsletter that said that it was time to ABOLISH the CITY COMMISSIONERS’ office now that Al SCHMIDT is retiring. Al Schmidt’s retirement is a great loss to our city – but no reason to abolish the office that has successfully steered us in an HONEST and PROFESSIONAL manner through the difficult minefield of the presidential vote count, with the eyes of the nation upon them. Commissioners Lisa DEELEY, Omar SABIR and Schmidt are NATIONAL HEROES!

FORMER U.S. Attorney William McSwain

I do not often agree with Ed RENDELL, but he eloquently noted that baseless allegations of vote fraud are a SLAP IN THE FACE of ordinary election workers, GOP and Democrat, who counted the votes across our land. They performed during a pandemic, with quiet competence. Many were branded by far-right posts in blanket value judgments. All have no agenda other than performing their job, loving their family, town, country and God.

My view on the departure of region U.S. Attorney William McSWAIN was to shout, “Praise God” and down a shot of Crown Royal. Law-enforcement agencies are supposed to WORK TOGETHER to fight crime. The McSwain attacks on DA Larry KRASNER did not do that – and put PHILLY DOWN. McSwain is rumored to want to run for governor of senator. If so, how do we know if his press conferences were on issues, and no campaign was in mind?

The recent acquittal of a police inspector was called A WIN by the FOP. It was not a win or a loss. There was no contest. An acquittal does not send any subliminal message. I have met the officer in this matter at National Nights Out. I like the guy. He is quietly retired, and should be left out of any posturing.

BUCKS COUNTY Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

I have seen the flooding of Eastwick over my lifetime. It is a community that sits four feet above sea level. A BERM built by the Army Corps of Engineers would easily resolve it. The City needs to be more aggressive on this. NOW is the time in the Biden era to do it.

The press recently focused on Congressman Brian FITZPATRICK, who voted NOT to accept the electoral vote count. He walks a tightrope on an equally divided district. His “no” vote will be remembered. Folks I talked with say he came down too hard on his opponent during his re-election drive. Congressman Jeff VAN DREW also voted “no” on the electoral count. He was BARELY elected with a late vote from Atlantic City. Opponents are waiting for next time.

I am happy that my old pal Richie NAWALANEY has recovered after a hospital stay. He is a man of energy, drive and devotion. Andre McCOY and Roman TYMCZYSZYN beat back COVID!

Heroes of COVID 2020 are Dr. Alyn WALLER of ENON Baptist Church and the BLACK DOCTORS group.

Remembering the passing of Judge Paul DANDRIDGE, Anna Marie SULLIVAN and Barry LEVIN, great dad of Craig LEVIN, Esq. April Scott STREET became a grandmother. Pat & Anna Marie PARKINSON celebrated 20 years married! Councilman Derek Green – 26 happily married years! Derek was Member of the Month in the Barristers Club. Ward Leader John DEL RICCI is married 16 years!


HATS OFF to Rosa CASTILLO –a dynamo with 10 years in the Office of Property Assessment. And to Michael DeFINO, who is OF COUNSEL with Lamb McErlane. James DE VERGILIS, Esq. celebrated a work anniversary, and with wonder dog “Giuseppe” as good luck – could be an excellent jurist.

JANNIE BLACKWELL continues as chair of the Mayor’s Commission on African-Caribbean Affairs. She has a record of lifelong accomplishment in helping the needy, and has been termed a ONE-PERSON Department of Human Services.

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