WALKING THE BEAT: Pa.’s Walking Purchase Today

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THE WILLIAM PENN family’s Walking Purchase agreement with Native Americans for as much land as a man could walk in 3 days.

WILLIAM PENN at age 376. I read an editorial which stated that our Pennsylvania GOP-controlled legislature is doing more to suppress the right to vote than any other State legislative body. I have traveled our 67 counties and realize that many rural districts out there will never have a Democrat lawmaker. Many cling to a hardscrabble existence yet remain Republican. many in the Laurel Highlands THINK of themselves as West Virginians. Standing between two huge hills known as First and Second Mountains in Schuylkill County, there is no way to believe that a metropolis such as Philly can or should exist. The GOP lawmakers present a problem for Philly and Pittsburgh.

In part I blame the WALKING PURCHASE of 1737, a “treaty” to scam the Indians from land which would go to the Proprietors of the Colony and sons of William Penn. It would be determined by as far as a man could walk in a day and a half.

PENNSYLVANIA was built out of many different purchases of land, far from Philadelphia – as it often still seems today.

Top runners were hired for the “walk”; 1.2 million acres were acquired. Indians felt CHEATED. In 2004, they lost a case in federal court to reacquire some of the lands. The land-cheating result for Philly is that vast rural lands of the Commonwealth have a disconnect from the needs of a big city. Many out there imagine Philly as a city of welfare cheaters (some towns gave one-way Philly bus tickets to vagrants). And the mess all started with the Walking Purchase.

A lot of news coverage on the conundrum in the aftermath of the TRUMP acquittal, and of weary BIDEN campaigners relaxing in the soothing Biden presidency. This is NOT the time to rest, lose direction or let one’s guard down. The MIDTERM ELECTIONS will be here before you know it! Midterms usually go to the party OUT OF POWER. Democrats are barely clinging to power in the U.S. Senate and House. Democrats: Get up off your … the campaign STARTS NOW!… Dems could get help in House and Senate races as Trump files alternative GOP candidates.

ELECTRICIANS Local 98 leader John Dougherty

GOP Senators who voted for COUNTRY – not party – to CONVICT Trump are taking an unfair hammering from their party. In biblical terms, they are “despised and acquainted with grief.” Americans should email them with thanks. If JFK were alive today – he would include them in PROFILES IN COURAGE.

A recent news story reported that the federal conviction of a political consultant was upheld on appeal. Appeals in the federal system are a waste of time. It is a waste of family funds. If possible, get an appointed defender and save money for trial. The words over the entrance to Dante’s Inferno apply to federal court: “ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE….” Trials of Local 98 leader John Dougherty and Robert Henon are coming in federal court. On daily press reporting of the trials – heed advice of Dan Rather: DO NOT ELEVATE THE TRIVIAL. Also do not conduct a parallel trial. Do not PLAY LAWYER. If you have a quote from a prosecutor, have one from the defense attorney. Straight reporting, please.

INCOMING Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

The latest CENSUS could shortchange Philly and other urban centers. A confused effort amid court challenges. It should be redone.

Georgia Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor GREEN said – after being stripped of all committees – she FELT she now had more time to tell people to think RIGHT. No one told her that she was elected to help constituents and vote on legislation (?). Also, she may not be so convincing in her talks. Do no political talks while on the public paycheck.

GLOUCESTER, N.J. Mayor Dan Spencer says St. Patrick’s Parade must go on … just not now.

Have you noticed how gasoline went up 25 cents a gallon? Refiners always say that they need the increase to convert to WINTER BLEND. I have a car with a tank of SUMMER blend that runs well in Winter (?)… BULLY pickup trucks, so evident in the Trump campaign, have been cited as having caused an increase in air pollution. The profit an auto maker gets from each one is FAR SUPERIOR to what they get on clean and efficient compacts and SUVs. Trucks are a product of cheap gas. Used-car lots were full of them when gas was $4.00 a gallon.

…Mayor Dan SPENCER of Gloucester City says that the town’s ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE will go on – in SEPTEMBER. The parade is probably the longest in the region. It occurs in a 1960s-type town across the Delaware from South Philly. This “Brigadoon” town of friendliness is starting to get noticed by developers.

CONGRATS to recently appointed judges George TWARDY and Dan SULMAN on their appointment. They will still need your vote. A good judicial choice is Craig LEVIN, Esq. for Common Pleas Court. His judicial demeanor means that he will be a good listener and rule wisely. Maria McLAUGHLIN for Commonwealth Court is a win-win for the state! WATCH Judges Sierra Thomas STREET and Tamika LANE as they seek a seat on higher courts!!

STATE SEN. Sharif Street celebrates a blessèd wedding anniversary.

MERIT SELECTION of judges was not mentioned in the daily press for a long time. But it reared up a few times of late. This is a signal of more to come. This method of selection is more beneficial to big law firms than for the poor and middle class…. JUDICIAL ELECTION by region versus statewide is a plan proposed by the GOP legislature. It would cluster groups of jurists (the clusters would be mostly Republican) and would insure GOP members of the high courts – just like in Illinois. It seems a SCAM to me. Maybe it is a replacement for GOP failed gerrymandering – SHOT DOWN by the State Supreme Court.

GET-WELL wishes to John HARRIS after surgery. Lovely Sue is CARING for him…. Happy Eighth Wedding Anniversary to State Sen. Sharif STREET and wife April Scott. They spread LIGHT wherever they go…. WE lost Korea Vet James PELLEGRINO; then Adm. John CRONIN, a friend and master of military intelligence – from COVID…. John SWEENEY, past AFL-CIO president, whom I met as a lad, passed. His light of teaching has gone out.

Bravo to Councilwoman Cindy BASS, who showed her courage to pursue the VACCINE DEBACLE of the City Program. Bass has again and again shown herself as a people’s CHAMP…. Well done to Jannie BLACKWELL, who is the dynamic chairperson of the Mayor’s Commission of Afro-Caribbean Affairs!!

Let’s hear it for Mike CIBIK, Esq. for 40 years in the law! For John O’CONNELL for 29 years at Elfant Wissahickon! And to Mike PIPER for one year at the Cook County (Chicago) Assessor’s Office. Mike served WELL as assessment director in PHILLY.

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